The new era “Fengqiao Experience” index system was officially released

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Shaoxing, January 14 (Fang Kun) – on January 14, the third new era “Fengqiao Experience” high-end summit was held in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province. At the meeting, the new era “Fengqiao Experience” index system was officially released, and its digital scene application topic was also fully launched

small things do not leave the village, major events do not leave the town, and contradictions are not handed over. In the early 1960s, cadres and people in Fengqiao town, Zhuji, Zhejiang Province created the “Fengqiao Experience”. After nearly 60 years of development, “Fengqiao Experience” has formed a new Fengqiao Experience with distinctive characteristics of the times, which is “party and government hands-on, relying on the masses, preventing disputes, resolving contradictions, maintaining stability and promoting development”

“all along, we always cherish this’ family heirloom’and take care of this’ Golden Card’.” Shen Zhijiang, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shaoxing Municipal Committee and Secretary of Zhuji Municipal Committee, said that if “striving for excellence” is the theme of urban development, then “Fengqiao Experience” is the banner of social governance

The new era “Fengqiao Experience” index system was officially released

the index system of “Fengqiao Experience” of the new era was officially released. Photo by Tang Dawei

under this background, the “Fengqiao Experience” index project of the new era was launched on March 26, 2021. It is the first major project after the establishment of Zhejiang new era “Fengqiao Experience” Research Institute and Zhejiang University New Era “Fengqiao Experience” Research Institute

“after the launch of the project, our research group studied a large number of important documents on China ruled by law issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and systematically summarized the relevant index results of the’Fengqiao Experience’.” Qian Hongdao, Professor of Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University, deputy director of the academic committee of the new era “Fengqiao Experience” Research Institute of Zhejiang University and host of the new era “Fengqiao Experience” index project

the research group also visited and absorbed the opinions of experts and professors from China law society, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ministry of public security, Zhejiang University and other units to ensure that the index project has high recognition and can show the overall style of “Fengqiao Experience” in the new era

on this basis, the members of the research group also carried out research in Shaoxing, Taizhou, Hangzhou, Quzhou and other places in Zhejiang Province, closely contacted the practical departments of Zhuji, discussed more than 50 times in combination with theory and practice, and finally determined the index system of “Fengqiao Experience” index in the new era, which is mainly composed of six primary indicators

the reporter learned that the six primary indicators are the party’s leadership, the people’s main body, pluralistic coordination, the integration of four governance, conflict resolution, peace and harmony. Among them, the party’s leadership is the fundamental guarantee, the people’s subject is the value core, pluralistic coordination is the basic pattern, the “integration of four governance” is the method model, the resolution of contradictions is the main feature, and peace and harmony is the ultimate goal. In 2022, the project team will continue to conduct research in more cities inside and outside Zhejiang Province, further improve the index system, and select several cities from county-level cities to carry out pilot evaluation

at the meeting, the major project of digital scene application of “Fengqiao Experience” index in the new era was launched simultaneously

it is reported that the subject will make full use of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to build a whole process closed-loop platform for the “Fengqiao Experience” index in the new era, evaluate the county governance dynamics in real time, monitor the governance status of the whole county, departments, streets, towns and villages in real time, sort out and analyze the people’s problem demands and governance weaknesses in time, so as to resolve contradictions and supplement weaknesses

in the next step, the research group will timely release the evaluation results of the “Fengqiao Experience” index of the new era, publish the “Fengqiao Experience” index report of the new era “in Chinese and English, and take the” Fengqiao Experience “index of the new era and its digital scene application as the starting point to boost the modernization process of local grass-roots governance system and governance ability

“We will take this high-end summit as an opportunity to make the best benchmarking, focus on leading the way, focus on experience refining, practice improvement and governance efficiency, further promote the panoramic expansion, all-round penetration and all-round application of the’Fengqiao Experience’, constantly highlight the unique charm of the’Fengqiao Experience’, and work together to polish the golden name of the’Fengqiao Experience’ Film, and jointly continue to write the big article “modernization of social governance.” Shen Zhijiang said. (end)