The talks between Russia and NATO ended fruitlessly, and the door of the talks was not closed?

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On January 13, according to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the 12th local time, Russia and NATO held a meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting lasted more than four hours. The two sides focused on security issues such as the situation in Ukraine, but did not make any meaningful breakthrough

The talks between Russia and NATO ended fruitlessly, and the door of the talks was not closed?

Ukraine is at odds with each other

it is reported that the meeting was held between Russia and NATO countries. After the meeting, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that NATO urged Russia to “immediately ease the situation in Ukraine” and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors

it was previously reported that recently, the relationship between Russia and NATO on the issue of Ukraine continued to be tense. Russia and Ukraine have deployed a large number of military personnel and equipment in the border areas of the two countries. The United States and Ukraine claim that Russia may be ready to “invade” Ukraine. In this regard, Russia has repeatedly denied, emphasizing that NATO activities threaten Russia’s border security and that Russia has the right to mobilize troops within its territory to defend its territory

it is reported that relevant sources revealed that during the talks on the 12th, the Russian representative did not promise to withdraw troops, but did not refuse this request

on the other hand, Russia asked NATO not to expand its scope to Ukraine or Georgia, and withdraw all allied forces from NATO member states bordering Russia. After the meeting, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko also said that in order to ease tensions in Ukraine, NATO should stop providing weapons to Ukraine

in response to Russia’s withdrawal request, NATO reiterated that they refused to accept these commitments. Deputy Secretary of state Sherman, who led the U.S. delegation to the talks, said that some of Russia’s demands “have no way to start at all”

The talks between Russia and NATO ended fruitlessly, and the door of the talks was not closed?(1)

on December 3, 2021 local time, a Ukrainian soldier was in a trench in Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine

Russia said it would react if threatened

Russia hopes NATO to give a written reply on security issues

in fact, the situation in Ukraine is only the epitome of a series of disputes between the two sides in the field of security. After the meeting on the 12th, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko said that Russia has clearly pointed out to NATO that it may take countermeasures if its own security is threatened

Grushko said: “we have a complete set of military technical measures, which are legal. If we feel a real security threat, if we feel that our territory is regarded as the target of attack, we will adopt these countermeasures.”

Grushko also said: “the measures we put forward today, as mentioned in the draft agreement, can completely reverse the current situation and re build European security on the basis of common principles and taking into account the interests of all parties. This will not only improve Russia’s military security, but also the security of NATO countries themselves.”

he also stressed that the attempt to build a security system without considering Russia’s interests is doomed to failure

Grushko added that he hoped NATO would give a written reply to Russia’s proposal on security

The talks between Russia and NATO ended fruitlessly, and the door of the talks was not closed?(2)

for the talks, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said bluntly at the press conference after the meeting, “our differences are not easy to bridge.”

at another press conference, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko also expressed similar views. He said: “the discussion is quite frank, direct, in-depth and comprehensive. At the same time, we show great differences on basic issues.”

U.S. Deputy Secretary of state Sherman pointed out that since Moscow has no idea of refusing further negotiations, she is optimistic about the negotiations

Stoltenberg also said that the special envoys of NATO countries and Russia “expressed the need to resume dialogue and explore the agenda of future meetings”

it is reported that Russia will also hold talks with OSCE in Vienna, Austria, on January 13, which will be the third meeting between Russia and Western countries. On January 10, the first meeting was held between Russia and the United States, but the talks did not make any substantive progress