Tianjin comprehensively strengthens management and control and implements the “non essential and inseparable from Tianjin”

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Tianjin, January 14 (reporter Zhang Daozheng) on the afternoon of 14, 168th Tianjin city New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference, the Tianjin Public Security Bureau Command Center Director, spokesman Ren Feng introduced, from January 8th, the Tianjin public security organs quickly launched the emergency response mechanism, to co-ordinate the prevention and control of epidemic situation. Maintain stability and service development, cooperate to complete the first and second rounds of full staff nucleic acid screening and sampling at more than 7400 nucleic acid detection points in 16 administrative regions of the city, and comprehensively strengthen the overall prevention and control of social aspects and the investigation and control of exit channels

Tianjin public security organs have strengthened the patrol and protection of important infrastructure, airports, stations and docks, strengthened effective measures such as special police preparation, public security and armed police linkage, and public security auxiliary force joint defense, so as to effectively maintain public order, social stability and people’s safety. We will comprehensively strengthen the linkage mechanism between police and doctors, send more police to hospitals and other key parts, and strictly prevent and focus on cracking down on various medical activities and medical crimes

Tianjin comprehensively strengthens management and control and implements the “non essential and inseparable from Tianjin”

Ren Feng, director of the command center and spokesman of Tianjin Public Security Bureau, introduced the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control carried out by Tianjin public security organs. Photo by Zhang Daozheng

at the same time, Tianjin Public Security Bureau implemented a 24-hour online dynamic inspection and monitoring mechanism to find and deal with illegal and criminal activities such as fabricating and spreading rumors, creating social panic and disturbing social order. On January 13, Ninghe branch of public security decided to detain Shi Moumou, a man who refused to obey management and abused epidemic prevention staff, for 7 days according to law

Ren Feng said that Tianjin’s public security organs take the inspection and control points out of Tianjin and the public security checkpoints in Beijing as the top priority, cooperate with the transportation department to carry out channel control, strictly implement the Beijing Tianjin Hebei police cooperation and regional joint prevention and control measures, strengthen screening, testing and epidemic prevention, and implement 24-hour full-time operation, Strictly review the 48 hour nucleic acid test negative certificate of the personnel leaving Tianjin, the leaving Tianjin certificate issued by the unit or street town, and the Health Code Green code, earnestly implement the unnecessary non leaving Tianjin policy, and timely persuade the personnel who do not meet the epidemic prevention regulations to enter Beijing

“while fully maintaining the overall social stability, we firmly establish the people-centered development idea, actively serve the overall situation of economic and social development and epidemic prevention and control, and continuously introduce measures to facilitate and benefit the people.” Ren Feng introduced that Tianjin Public Security Bureau will also provide the following service measures for the general public: first, suspend the implementation of vehicle tail number restriction and peak traffic restriction measures for vehicles with number plates in other cities and regions; Second, implement temporary parking convenience measures; Third, open up a green channel for vehicles transporting medical, epidemic prevention and livelihood materials; Fourth, do a good job in traffic security in key areas, deal with traffic accidents in time, and actively provide necessary assistance to people in need and critically ill patients. (end)