Wang Wang team’s great contribution movie: Zhou is also the “chief adventure officer”

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“Wang Wang’s great contribution movie” produced by Paramount Pictures will be released on January 14, and the 2D Chinese dubbing version will also attack at the same time. The film today revealed the identity of the chief adventure officer of the new generation of young actor Zhou ye, and released the “adventure start” poster and special edition. The loving interaction between Zhou ye and the dogs is very interesting, which makes the audience wonder what happened in this new adventure. On January 14, follow the chief adventure officer Zhou and the Wang team

Wang Wang team’s great contribution movie: Zhou is also the “chief adventure officer”

since its launch, the series of animations of “Wang Wang team made great achievements” has been warmly pursued by parents and children all over the world, and has become a popular children’s animation IP all over the world. Zhou also served as the chief adventure officer of Wang Wang team’s great contribution and great film this time, and became the first artist in China to get acquainted with the film

in the “adventure start” poster, Zhou also appeared together with Wang Wang team. Everyone was ready to face all the challenges ahead. “No difficult work, only brave dogs”, this lovely and inspirational classic slogan is not only loved by children, but also captured the hearts of many young people. Zhou, the film’s chief adventure officer, is one of many Wang Wang fans

speaking of his “first acquaintance” with Wang Wang team, Zhou also mentioned that he had seen the amazing popularity of the IP of Wang Wang team’s great achievements, from a wide variety of products around Wang Wang Wang team full of children’s fun to the crazy expression package of the whole network. Not only that, the nephew of the family also planted grass for her in person. Later, she was successfully surrounded by lovely dogs, and was moved by the courage and adventurous spirit of the Wangwang team

in the special edition of “adventure departure”, Zhou also called on everyone to develop good viewing habits and respect and support the valuable achievements of each creator. In addition, she also said that she was full of expectations for the first big film of “great achievements of the Wang team” to be released on January 14. At the same time, she highly recommended that the whole family go to the cinema to watch the film together and start a new adventure together

the movie “Wang Wang team made great contributions” tells that in order to protect urban residents from the damage brought by the mayor of haidingna, Wang Wang team, led by Captain Ryder, entered the new headquarters building in the city center with newly upgraded weapons and equipment, ready to start rescue. They were greeted by unexpected challenges. The roller coaster city track and the spark splashing inauguration ceremony put the whole city in danger. This time, Wang Wang team also ushered in a new ally, Beibei dachshund, to participate in this very dangerous rescue operation

the foreign box office of the film has exceeded 130 million US dollars, won the champion of North American animation film box office week, and also gained a high reputation. The freshness of rotten tomatoes is as high as 79%. The media and film critics said: “the children can’t resist the Wangwang team at all, and there is a lot of laughter in the cinema”. Netizens also gave comments on “the first movie in my child’s life”, “watching this movie experience full score” and “recommending the whole family to watch it together”. I believe that Wang Wang’s first big screen adventure can not only become the first interesting film viewing experience in children’s life, but also become one of the beautiful childhood memories

the movie “Wang Wang team’s great contribution” produced by Paramount Pictures will be officially launched in national cinemas on January 14, and a wonderful big screen viewing experience will be started soon. This winter, take risks with brave dogs