Youku ice and snow documentary “silver flower” goes online to tell the youth Winter Olympic dream of Xinjiang after 00

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It is only more than 20 days before the official opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. In order to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics, Youku and China Youth Daily launched the documentary silver flower, which tells the story of the silver flower of the Post-00 Tuwa girl who loves skiing in Hemu village, Altay, Xinjiang, who dreams of becoming a professional mobilization for the Winter Olympics through professional training. Call on everyone to pay attention to the Winter Olympics, participate in ice and snow sports, and cheer for the young people who bravely pursue their dreams

Youku ice and snow documentary “silver flower” goes online to tell the youth Winter Olympic dream of Xinjiang after 00

Altay, Xinjiang is the origin of human skiing. The local Hemu village is called “Snow Village” in winter. The Tuwa people living here are nomadic and good at riding and skiing. In the documentary “Yinhua”, Yinhua has developed excellent skiing skills by virtue of her innate talent and influenced inheritance. Because of limited conditions, it is difficult for her to access professional skiing equipment and formal skiing training. However, in order to pursue their winter Olympic dream, they still insist on studying and practicing hard to break through themselves. The plot in the film moved many netizens and commented one after another, “praise the persistence of the little girl” and “as long as there is a dream, there will be light in the heart of the young people. I hope the young people in the new era can make their own efforts and meet at the peak”

as the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to begin, ice and snow sports have gradually become a new choice for fitness and a new way of life throughout the country, “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” from vision to reality. At the end of the documentary, several world champions Yang Yang, Deng Yaping, Pang Qing, Tong Jian, Guo Dandan and Li Nina, as well as media man Yang Lan, appeared together to cheer on the Olympic dream of ice and snow teenagers. Surprisingly, Youku children’s special mission to the Fani family, as the dream Assistance Officer, specially invited Guo Dandan, China’s first skiing world champion, as xiaoyinhua’s coach to help xiaoyinhua realize her powerful skiing coach dream. Guo Dandan encouraged Yinhua to stick to her dream and formulated a skiing training plan for xiaoyinhua based on his own experience. At the same time, Fani and Guo Dandan had a long-distance connection to xiaoyinhua in Altay, and had a meaningful first lesson in the snow field in the way of teaching every other space. This meaningful first lesson has also been completely recorded and will be fully broadcast in the Winter Olympic special series of “Fanny watching the world” (February 4). Guo Dandan and little Yinhua are linked with the touching Winter Olympic dreams of teachers and disciples. The Olympic complex of two generations meets in the program “Fanny watching the world”

at the same time, the 2022 Youku children’s ice and snow season series has been launched on Youku website, with educational programs and knowledge interaction, encouraging more parent-child families to participate in the atmosphere of the National Winter Olympics. In addition, Youku children also launched the topic “this is the power of teenagers” to show the vigorous development of contemporary teenagers, including documentary protagonist Yinhua, public welfare baseball team “strong baseball angels”, Chinese little curry song Yihong, wow! Ice hockey players pan Siyan and Liu Yulu, post-10 children’s Orchestra “little bear Orchestra”, post-10 street dance teenagers Luo Haoming and Liao xuze Liu Haosen, a 12-year-old fencing teenager, and other young people of the new era jointly performed the theory of young China