Youku’s new year short film “promising”: six new youth share struggle stories

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In the past 2021, many outstanding young people have emerged in various industries of China’s construction. They not only continue the spirit of their predecessors who are not afraid of suffering and struggle, but also show the young generation’s happy and confident youth attitude. The new youth’s Cross space-time Q & a short film “Youwei”, produced by China Youth Daily and Youku, and jointly produced by the Publicity Department of the CPC Dongcheng District Committee of Beijing and our space innovation practice center, was officially released on January 4

Youku’s new year short film “promising”: six new youth share struggle stories

the film invites Cao Lei, the actor of Lu Xun in the awakening age, Gao Jian, the chief dispatcher of manned spacecraft mission of Beijing aerospace flight control center, “Beijing understands”, Xu Danyang, the main force of Sanxingdui archaeology after 95, Bai Rui, a potential female scientist, Zou bin, the first winner of masonry project in the world skills competition, Shang Zhongyuan, a young three string performer In 2020 and 2021, Su Yinan, the youth director of Henan Spring Festival Gala, six youth role models from different fields, conducted a Q & A and interaction spanning a century in the form of “returning to the road of awakening and talking to New Youth”

“it’s always like this, isn’t it?” “Huge buildings are always stacked by wood and stone. Why don’t we do this wood and stone?” “Always take the ideal as the result of actual behavior”… In the face of Mr. Lu Xun’s thought-provoking classic words, six young models from different industries answered with their own struggle experience

Gao Jian, who served as the chief dispatcher of Shenzhou 12 in Beijing and participated in the first flight of Chang’e 4 and chang’5b for many times, believes that aerospace itself is a burning and romantic career and can frequently bring a sense of achievement to himself in the process of executing the mission. I also hope you can remember that behind “Beijing understands” is the team cooperation spirit of ten thousand astronauts with one shot. Xu Danyang, who is well known by netizens because of the excavation of Sanxingdui site, is the “pit chief” of the No. 4 “sacrificial pit” in Sanxingdui. In the short film, After 95, he said, “archaeology is like opening a blind box and full of surprises”. In his work, young people are not ambiguous, patient and can’t make mistakes.

from the Red Mansion of Peking University to the new youth At the former site of the editorial office, from today’s Yuxuan to Beijing Lu Xun Museum, six young models recited the words left by their ancestors in the last century. In the melody of the Internationale, the two time and space are linked together like historical ghosts. At the end of the film, Cao Lei, a performer, wrote “new youth should be promising”. The words on the screen are beautiful, exciting and powerful

as a mainstream Internet audio-visual platform, Youku always focuses on the high-quality content output of youth culture and spirit, and gives full play to its due sense of mission and responsibility based on the principle of “small people, true heroes, great feelings and positive energy”. In 2021, Youku’s TV play the awakening age, which was produced and broadcast by Youku, triggered a heated discussion among the whole people, so that China’s “New Youth” a hundred years ago were seen, understood and respected, especially in the contemporary youth generation

“the future belongs to youth, and hope lies in youth”. Promising is the opening appearance of Youku’s “New Youth” brand. The brand will continue to focus on promising young people in various industries in the new era, so that their stories can be seen and understood by more people, and bring more positive spiritual guidance and positive energy transmission to contemporary young people