Young painter Cui Jingzhe won the “Coubertin Medal”

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Beijing, January 11 (reporter Xing Zhen) – on January 11, Yu Zaiqing, vice president of the International Olympic Committee, on behalf of Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, presented the “Coubertin Award” to Cui Jingzhe, a Chinese painter, in Beijing’s China Red art space

“Coubertin Award” is a special award awarded by the IOC to those who have made outstanding contributions to the Olympic movement, representing the highest honor and praise of the International Olympic Games. Painter Cui Jingzhe became another Chinese artist who won the “Coubertin Award” after Han Meilin, Fan Yang and LV Junjie. He was also the youngest artist who won the award

Young painter Cui Jingzhe won the “Coubertin Medal”

Cui Jingzhe’s work leap “cheers for the Olympic Games” provided by the organizing committee

Coubertin pointed out in the Olympic declaration: “the Olympic Games is not a competition, but a cultural exchange and integration from the heart.” As the art director of cheering for the Olympic Games, the director of China Artists Association and the vice president of Hebei Academy of fine arts, Cui Jingzhe joined hands with the “cheering for the Olympic Games” project to carry forward the Olympic spirit through art and painting and deeply combine Chinese traditional culture with Olympic elements during the period of applying for the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and becoming the host city in 2022, Show the world China’s understanding of the Olympics and ice and snow culture

Cui Jingzhe said that Chinese painting has different aesthetic tastes from western painting, and there are few works showing sports events with traditional Chinese painting techniques. “We young artists have caught up with this good period. We hope to express the Olympic spirit through our own paintings, highlight the power and beauty of sports with Chinese art forms, and reflect the sports events concerned by modern young people. This will be a direction of my creation in the future.”

at the event site, Cui Jingzhe showed a personal art work called leap. The skiers rising in the picture showed the Olympic spirit of hard work with a leap attitude and spirit. The work was collected by the Olympic cheering Committee

Young painter Cui Jingzhe won the “Coubertin Medal”(1)

group photos of guests present at the event “cheer for the Olympic Games” the Organizing Committee provided

“cheer for the Olympic Games” project to go abroad for many times. In February 2019, the “China Red · light up 2022” New Year celebration was opened in the Olympic Museum, Cui Jingzhe’s Olympic theme painting exhibition was held in Lausanne, and IOC President Bach attended and delivered a speech. The exhibition displays the large mural collection ceremony of the Olympic flame created by Cui Jingzhe for the IOC with Chinese traditional meticulous painting techniques, which shows the profound heritage of China’s excellent culture and promotes Chinese art into the international vision

Yu Zaiqing was deeply impressed by the appeal of this group of large murals and believed that it conveyed the Olympic Thought and spirit, light, peace, friendship and unity through traditional Chinese paintings. “The award of this medal to Cui Jingzhe is a reward for young artists who insist on participating in the Olympic Games.”

Young painter Cui Jingzhe won the “Coubertin Medal”(2)

Yu Zaiqing, vice president of the International Olympic Committee, presented Cui Jingzhe with the Coubertin Award for “cheering for the Olympic Games”. The Organizing Committee provided

in addition, Cui Jingzhe, together with the “cheering for the Olympic Games” project, assisted in Urban Series exhibitions and Olympic culture into campus activities, so as to further spread and carry forward the Olympic spirit in China. He applied traditional meticulous painting elements to many paintings with Olympic themes, made outstanding contributions to the artistic promotion of ice and snow sports, told Chinese stories in multiple ways, displayed Chinese image, integrated Chinese culture with world culture, enriched and developed Olympic culture, and opened up a new way to promote Olympic development

“cheer for the Olympics” he Jialin, head of the sketching group, said that Cui Jingzhe used traditional meticulous painting to express sports and showed the world the charm of Chinese art in the Olympic Museum. “Chinese artists’ enthusiasm for Olympic participation can inspire more people to participate, especially at the moment when Chinese sports are moving forward, Cui Jingzhe’s award is the result of Chinese artists’ efforts, which is also the affirmation and recognition of Chinese artists’ participation in Olympic cultural creation.” (end)