Zhao Zhihai, the father of hybrid millet, tells the story of national soul, Chinese food and serving the country on the big screen

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Shijiazhuang, January 15 (reporter Niu Lin) – the film Gu soul, based on the story of “father of hybrid millet” Zhao Zhihai, was officially released in major cinemas across the country on the 15th. The film truly reproduces the brilliant course of Zhao Zhihai leading the research team to create a high-yield world record of 811.9 kg / mu of “zhangza Valley” and make another major contribution to China and even the world food security after hybrid rice; It fully demonstrates the great ambition of Chinese scientists to worry about the world, the innovative spirit of self-improvement, the indomitable strong will and the noble sentiment of being indifferent to fame and wealth in the face of the great interests of the nation and the important tasks of the times

millet, known as millet and millet in ancient times and commonly known as millet after peeling, originated in the Yellow River Basin of China. It has been cultivated in China for thousands of years and was once the traditional staple food of the Chinese nation. Later, due to the low yield and the decline in the demand for cereal grass as forage, the planting area gradually decreased

Zhao Zhihai, the father of hybrid millet, tells the story of national soul, Chinese food and serving the country on the big screen

the picture shows Gao Feng, the star of the film Gu soul, and Zhao Zhihai (right), the “father of hybrid millet”. Bai Xue

it is reported that this film is directed by Huangshan, a national first-class director, with Zhang Lilin from Changting, Fujian as the chief producer. Many powerful actors such as Gao Feng, Feng Guoqing, Zhao Liang, Yun Chang en and song Yuncheng join in. It is composed of the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, Hebei Film Bureau, Hebei film and television group, Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology Hebei Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, Hebei Federation of literary and artistic circles, Hebei Agricultural University, Publicity Department of Zhangjiakou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Hainan Nanfan Administration Bureau, Publicity Department of Balinzuo banner Committee of the Communist Party of China and Zhangjiakou Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Zhang Lilin said that the film was not made out of consideration of commercial value. He came out of the countryside. He has a deep complex about agriculture. In particular, Zhao Zhihai’s spirit of agricultural scientists in the new era, which has been persistent for decades and overcoming difficulties, deeply moved him. The original intention of the film was to praise this spirit of scientists. The film took more than two years from preparation to release. In order to better capture the real picture, they spent a lot of time and energy planting about 60 mu of “zhangza Valley” in advance, which truly restored the whole process of millet from sowing, germination to harvest

Zhao Zhihai, the father of hybrid millet, tells the story of national soul, Chinese food and serving the country on the big screen(2)

the picture shows Zhang Lilin, the chief producer of the film Gu soul, looking at the growth of “Zhang zagu” for film shooting. Li Chong also took part in

he has played the peak of powerful actors in film and television works such as soldier assault, love of Kanas, killing in September and soul of soldiers in war. He explained the film Hero Zhao Ersheng (the prototype is Zhao Zhihai): “millet is Daoguang. I am willing to pursue light, strive for my life and contribute everything.”

Huang Shan, the director of the film Gu soul, said that the food problem is one of the major problems facing the world today, which is related to social development and stability and national security. With the progress of science and technology and the refinement of social division of labor, today, with the knowledge economy as the mainstream, I hope to spread agricultural knowledge to the society and the masses through the film Gu soul, so as to urge more people to pay attention to agricultural problems

Huangshan said that how to interpret the relationship between science and technology and visibility is also our problem. Agricultural films must talk about some agricultural knowledge to spread these knowledge and ideas. In the film “Gu soul”, there is no family history, nor too much sadness. Instead, it uses a professional and rigorous attitude to explain and disseminate science and technology, and reveals why scientists can succeed from the perspective of science and technology

the agricultural researchers who watched the film expressed their full recognition of the soul of the valley. Jia Yinsuo, a researcher of Hebei Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences, who once served as the head teacher (counselor) of Zhao Zhihai University, said that this film is an inspirational film reflecting the hard work of China’s agricultural researchers in cultivating varieties. The content of the film truly reproduces the work style and scientific attitude of agricultural scientists like Zhao Zhihai, and deeply explains their vision and aspirations, It is of indelible practical and historical significance to constantly explore, explore and innovate under difficult conditions, and persevere and indomitable scientist spirit in the face of failures and setbacks

Zhao Zhihai, the father of hybrid millet, tells the story of national soul, Chinese food and serving the country on the big screen(3)

the picture shows director Huangshan (middle) directing the shooting at the scene of the film Gu soul. After watching the film, Du Xihai, marketing director of Shijiazhuang branch of Minsheng Bank, said that unlike other film and television dramas, the film returns to its origin. The protagonist has no heroic words and the plot scene is simple. The film explains the selfless dedication and fearless sacrifice of Chinese agricultural scientists with the actual actions of the characters Tough and hardworking spirit. Not only Zhao Zhihai, Yuan Longping, Li Baoguo and other agricultural experts have such excellent qualities. They are the strong backbone of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. More people like them are needed to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and comprehensively promote rural revitalization

vice chairman of Hebei film and Television Association Film critic Wang Fan commented on the film “Gu soul” and said: “from the spiritual level, millet has cultivated the excellent quality of hard struggle and perseverance of Chinese descendants with its biological characteristics of drought resistance, barren resistance and storage resistance. The film” Gu soul “will serve the people of the world through the film with the Chinese culture, Chinese wisdom and Chinese scheme carried by the Chinese story.” (end)