Month: April 2022

May day coincides with the first day of April. I’m afraid of the first day of April. I don’t harvest wheat in the rain. Is it bad? What do you say about agricultural proverbs

Guide:today is labor day and the first day of April in the lunar calendar. It’s a very coincidental day. There is a saying among the people that”April is afraid of the first day of the lunar new year, and the wheat will not be harvested when it rains”. Is it better to rain or sunny on the first day of April?


From 1-7 to 16-17, Williams’ record fell short, and trump waited for the Rockets

The Snooker World Championships is about to determine the first final place. In the early game of rockets O’Sullivan and Higgins, Higgins obviously affected the follow-up state after the seesaw battle in the first two innings. He was easily opened by O’Sullivan who was getting better. After losing the opportunity ball continuously in the game, Higgins rarely lost his temper and hit the pole. His impatience did not play a good role. O’Sullivan’s 15-9 victory is in sight.


4-0! 1-0! A night of excitement in European football:Real Madrid won the title, Liverpool reached the top, and Bayern burst into cold

From the evening of April 30 to the early morning of May 1, Beijing time, the five major European leagues ended many games. After Liverpool defeated Newcastle 1-0, they temporarily overtook Manchester City to the top of the list. After Real Madrid won the Spaniard 4-0, they were crowned the La Liga champion four rounds ahead of schedule, and Bayern Munich lost 1-3 to Mainz.