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Listen to the report, inspect the launch tower and other facilities and equipment, and go to the spacecraft assembly and test plant to learn more about the preparation of relevant tasks… The general secretary affirmed the outstanding completion of various launch tasks since the establishment of Wenchang space launch site, and was receivingLaunch site官兵代表时,要求“全面提升现代化航天发射能力,努力建设世界一流航天Launch site”。

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the general secretary has always attached great importance to the development of China’s aerospace industry, and has repeatedly carried out”heaven and earth calls” with the astronauts on missions to participate in space exploration“Dongfanghong 1”The old scientist of the mission replied to the letter, cordially received the aerospace workers and sent affectionate messages to the aerospace people

stayShenzhou 13 China AerospaceAnd feel the general secretary’s”aerospace love” together.


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