IP territorial network wide implementation, 1450 did not find out a few, but found out a lot of hypocritical celebrities

By yqqlm yqqlm

Nowadays, the IP home function is already in usemicro-blog, headlines, wechatTiktokAnd other major platforms.

Netizens applauded one after another:now 1450 people have nowhere to hide! But the reality is that the Internet jet didn’t pull out a few, and many overturned in various fields.

The first to turn over is the big V who deceives people under the banner of foreign countries. As soon as the IP ownership shows, those friends who are in South Korea and Japan are active one after another, and the IP ownership is actually in China. Cow. Those foreign agents take itYiwuThe”Korean eye shadow” bought for 30 yuan sold for 800 yuan. Now it’s planted.

ten thousand and eighty-six

The second rollover should be counted to some patriotic big V’s, and the first to bear the brunt should be teacher Lian Yue and devil Du Nan.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

Who is teacher Lian Yue? The man who swore that he would never emigrate and leave his country. He often advises everyone in his articles not to emigrate to foreign countries, otherwise he will die miserably.

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Such a patriotic big V has also brought great surprises and surprises to people. Teacher Lian Yue’s IP ownership is actually in Japan! In the face of questions from fans, teacher Lian Yue said he was just going to travel, but he was slapped in the face by knowledgeable friends.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

ten thousand and ninety

Now teacher lianyue panicked. I didn’t expect that there were so many normal headed fans. how? Keep fooling. Lian Yue specially sent an article explaining that he was holding a medical visa. He also said that he fell in love with tourism. In the future, no matter which country he is in, don’t be too strange.

ten thousand and ninety-one

ten thousand and ninety-two

Lian Yue explained that he felt good about himself, but he was beaten in the face by netizens. What kind of disease must be seen in Japan, which will poison people? So why should patriotic people go to other countries that are so dangerous, even for tourism.

When teacher Lian Yue ate patriotic rice online, he didn’t tell his fans that his body was eating Japanese rice in Japan, which was unacceptable to fans.

Besides, the devil daughter who”I can’t be separated from my motherland for a moment” is also in Japan! Surprise? Accident?

ten thousand and ninety-three

In the final analysis, patriotism is business and emigration is life.

It’s time for some stars to roll over at last. Many stars such asYang YangZhao LusiDelireba等明星的账号IP和本人所在的位置不符合。被指工作人员代发micro-blog、代回复粉丝,让粉丝们心凉了一片。


p style=”text-indent:2em;” data-track=”13″>It has to be said that there are many benefits of IP territoriality. Although several 1450 have not been found, many hypocritical people have been found.