On April 30, the price of corn rose! The stock market soared, commodities generally rose, and corn reached a new high

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according toMarket treasure数according to追踪,今日全国玉米均价2829.9元/吨,与昨日持平。

Yesterday was the last trading day before the May Day holidayA sharesOnce the decline was swept away, the performance was extremely bright, and the three major stock indexes closed up sharply. The commodity futures market also rose in a large area, and agricultural products performed very well, boosted by surrounding sentiment. As of the close,DalianCorn futures contracts continued to rise sharply. The contract closed at 3044 in September, reaching a new high.

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according to粮油信息中心数according to,Three northeastern provincesAt present, the progress of grain sales in zone 1 is 92%, and there is basically no grass-roots grain source. At present, almost all grain sources are transferred to traders, and they are all stacked grain, which is relatively resistant to storage. Traders have a strong mentality of reluctant to sell, and processing enterprises are active in purchasing. It is expected that the price of corn in Northeast China will continue to maintain a strong strength.

The overall price of corn in North China is stable. After the rise of corn prices in Northeast China and sales areas, local traders have a strong bullish mentality and weak willingness to ship. Today, some processing enterprises slightly raised the purchase price to stimulate the volume.

The mainstream purchase price of northern port is 2780-2830, and the price is stable. Recently, corn futures have increased significantly. Driven by the rise of American corn, the contract in September has repeatedly reached new highs, boosting the price support mentality of port traders; The mainstream transaction price of second-class bulk corn in Shekou port, Guangdong is 2920-2940 yuan/ton, partially 2950 yuan/ton, and the price is stable. The high arrival cost supports the mentality of traders, but loose supply and demand also restricts the upward price.

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The price of corn in the southern marketing area is stable today. Feed enterprises control costs, flexibly select grain sources, have sufficient inventory of alternative grains, and sort out the price of corn in a narrow range.

综上,近日玉米期货价格涨幅较大,9月合约屡创新高,提振贸易商心态。美玉米期价不断走高,进口玉米成本持续攀升,但我国也没有停止高价位采购(according to市场数according to4月份我国大单采购合计453万吨美玉米),主要是为弥补UkraineCorn orders that cannot be issued due to the war show that the gap between domestic corn supply and demand is still large, and corn prices are easy to rise but difficult to fall. (market views and operation suggestions are for reference only)

– source:智农通Market treasure

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