Russia’s Proton-M rocket will launch the angosat-2 satellite

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According to the report of Russian satellite news agency, the source of Baikonur space launch site in Kazakhstan said that it had arrived beforeBaikonur space launch siteRussian Proton-M heavy rocket,It will be completed in 2022AngolaThe angosat-2 communication satellite was put into orbit

The source revealed that it contained twoProton-M rocketOur train has arrived at the launch site,One of them will be used to launch the angosat-2 satellite。 Since the exact launch date has not been determined, the rocket will be sealed after assembly. Preparations for the launch should begin at the end of June.

It home learned that,Russian National Aerospace GroupCEORogozinPreviously, he said in an interview that he planned to launch two”Proton-M” heavy rockets in the summer and late autumn of 2022.

目前,所有定于 2022 年发射的三枚“质子”火箭都位于Baikonur space launch site。