The famous agent Raiola died and many famous players were represented by him

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Jimu reporter Deng Pengwei

The famous fat man Raiola in football has died!

On Saturday night, Beijing time, the Raiola family issued a statement confirming that the famous agent Raiola died of illness at the age of 54.

As a famous agent, Raiola hasHarland , Ibrahimovic and other famous players, his death will have a certain impact on the future of these players.

The family issued a statement confirming

Raiola family statement:with great sadness, we announce the death of the most loving and incredible agent in football. Mino fought until the last minute, just as he defended the interests of our players at the negotiating table. Mino made us proud, and we never realized it.

Mino moved many people through his work and wrote a new chapter in modern football. People will always miss his existence.

Mino’s mission is to make the players live in a better football world, and this mission will continue with the same enthusiasm.

We thank all those who have given support during this difficult period and ask for respect for the privacy of his family and friends at this sad time.

ten thousand and eighty-six

There was a death report two days ago

On April 28, an Italian reporter heard the news of Raiola’s death, but later the news was refuted by Raiola himself. According to previous news, Raiola was admitted to the hospital in January this year because of severe lung diseaseICU

Raiola’s official twitter account wrote:”for those who want to know, the current health status is:I’m angry because they killed me twice in four months. It looks like I can come back to life.”

But two days later, the miracle did not happen. With the lawyer’s official statement, Raiola was also confirmed to bid farewell to the world. With the death of Raiola, it has an important impact on international football.

The”patron saint” of players

Modern football has produced the role of agent. They seek benefits for players, but they are the”thorn in the eye” of the club.

Look at the quotes of the super agent and you can see how the club”hates” him.

Raiola on Guardiola:”Guardiola is great as a coach. As a person, he is an absolute zero. A coward, a dog.”

talkMario Balotelli “I found a solution, that is to cut off his tongue.”

Raiola praised Ibrahimovic:”he is as valuable as the Mona Lisa.”

talkKlopp不用Mario Balotelli :“不言而喻,Klopp是不公平的。他是一坨屎。”


Raiola told Ferguson:”he doesn’t like Sir Alex at all. He chooses players according to his preference for his agent.”


但在球员方面来说,他却是The”patron saint” of players,因为他为球员实现了利益的最大化,所以,他名下的球员都非常拥戴他。

It can be said that he is an angel on one side and a devil on the other.

His wealth is comparable to that of a player

In the world of football, Raiola is a very important person who never plays. He acted for IbrahimovicPogba 、Mario Balotelli 、Harland 等球星而闻名。

Spain《Maka newspaper》The wealth of Raiola is analyzed.

2016年,拉伊奥拉将Pogba 从JuventusBring toManchester United, he received a commission of $26.4 million on this transaction.

According to statistics, Raiola completed about $847.7 million in player transactions, and his income exceeded $80 million based on a 10%commission.

Raiola can speak seven languages:Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, PortugueseDutch。 His assets are also spread across Europe and the United States.

据《Maka newspaper》报道,保守估计,拉伊奥拉的财富达到了9000万美元,收入不亚于一位一流球星。

(photo source:Raiola social media)

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