After two people are together, women don’t want to do these three things. Most of them don’t love you so much

By yqqlm yqqlm

Feelings are not one person’s blindly pay, but the joint efforts of two people.

Even if you like a woman again, if she doesn’t have so much sense of participation, even wants to push you out, and doesn’t have a common future with you, then this love will be very difficult.

In fact, the story between two people does not have to wait until the end to see the answer. In the process of getting along, the usual words and deeds often predict the outcome. It’s just that you choose to deceive yourself and others and don’t want to admit it.

You know, after two people are together, women don’t want to do these three things. Most of them don’t love you so much.

ten thousand and eighty-six

I don’t want to take that last step with you

The love story has its own rhythm. To what level, we should do what kind of things. It’s impossible to give yourself to each other as soon as you come up. Similarly, you can’t even hold your hand after being together for a long time.

A woman, in a relationship, wants to protect herself, there is no problem. However, if you don’t even have the determination to devote yourself, you naturally want to leave yourself a way back.

一般来说,两个人在一起后,女人如果始终I don’t want to take that last step with you,不管在一起多久,也不管你付出了多少,她始终和你保持距离,会这么做,那只能说明,她并没有那么爱你。

Anyone who really loves you will naturally be willing to give everything for you, even if there are certain risks.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

I don’t want to live with you

In fact, women are more imaginative. When she is in love with a man, even if she still has a distance from each other, she has not even confessed, but in the woman’s heart, she may have finished her life.

Although she doesn’t seem to have any waves on her face, she even pretends to be indifferent, but she doesn’t refuse your kindness and proximity. In fact, she is already moving towards you.

一般来说,两个人在一起之后,如果她并I don’t want to live with you,不愿意和你在家里一起下厨。

Especially after being in love for a year or even a few years, she still doesn’t want to live with you, which means that her so-called kindness to you is probably not so pure, and she even leaves herself a retreat that can leave at any time. To put it bluntly, he just doesn’t love you so much.

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Unwilling to see each other’s parents

Although love is a matter for two people, it is not all a matter for two people.

In other words, if you want to sublimate love, it is actually a matter of two worlds and two families. Of course, if you just like each other, you don’t have to rise to this height.

As long as you like each other, first get along with each other for a period of time, and then consider what you should do. After all, not all love can end with marriage. Sometimes, it’s just a temporary favor, and it will be forgiven in the end.

不过,一般来说,在一起之后,尤其是当你们觉得感情已经很稳定向好的时候,她仍旧Unwilling to see each other’s parents,不带你回家,也不愿意跟你回家,会这么做,那其实就意味着,她并没有那么爱你。甚至,也从未想过要和你一辈子在一起,甚至,就只是玩玩而已。