China, the United States and Russia had a fierce confrontation in the Security Council. The United States wanted to impose additional sanctions on North Korea, but China and Russia joined hands to prevent it

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On May 11 local time,security councilOn the recent North Korean launchSubmarine launched ballistic missileHold a public meeting. China and the United States once again had a fierce confrontation. Both sides expressed their views. The United States advocated more sanctions against North Korea, while China believed that sanctions against North Korea would not help the situation and should be lifted.

It is reported that,security councilThe meeting was held because of concerns that North Korea would resume its nuclear test in the coming weeks. China and Russia jointly proposed a draft resolution aimed at lifting the sanctions against the DPRK in 2017, which was approved by the US embassy in North Koreathe United NationsAmbassador Greenfield’s refusal.

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格林菲尔德表示,有“两名security council成员”都认为,若security council继续“保持克制”,只会纵容朝鲜让局势继续升级,远离谈判桌。中国常驻the United Nations代表张军据理力争,他表示在2018年之后朝鲜作出了关于暂停核试验和Intercontinental ballistic missileWith the promise of the test firing, the situation on the peninsula was once better. It is because the United States has regressed its position in 2021 and failed to respond accordingly at an appropriate time, which has led to the deadlock between the DPRK and the United States on China, increased variables and renewed tension. The US side’s act of reneging also led to the loss of North Korea’s trust in the United States, making it difficult to promote the denuclearization of the peninsula.

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Greenfield ignored the problems of the United States and blindly advocated strengthening sanctions against North Korea. She insisted that”silence and restraint cannot work”,”we need to quickly turn to strengthening sanctions rather than considering lifting sanctions”,”we can’t wait for North Korea to carry out more provocative, illegal and dangerous acts such as nuclear tests”. She also revealed that the United States has updated the content of sanctions against the DPRK, and the negotiation of the relevant draft is nearing the end. This statement is exactly the same as the reason why the United States and the West have imposed sanctions on Russia in recent times.

Zhang Jun said that the United States is”superstitious about the magic of sanctions”, but sanctions can not solve the problem and may even escalate the situation. He said that additional sanctions could”force one of the parties to act more proactively” and that”negotiations are better than coercive measures”. Zhang Jun was forced and sanctioned by the United StatesSyriaIraqAfghanistanFor example, he said that sanctions would only make people suffer.

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美国对朝鲜的制裁可以说是耿耿于怀,往年的the United Nations1718号决议、2321号决议就不说了。今年1月,美国、日本等7个security council成员国发表联合声明,批评朝鲜近期试射Missile,提议对相关5名朝鲜人实施the United Nations旅行禁令和资产冻结。中国和俄罗斯阻止了美方的提议,中方表示,一味对朝鲜制裁施压解决不了问题,只会加剧对抗和紧张,并敦促美方放弃制裁,重启双边对话。

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3月,security council再度就朝鲜半岛局势举行公开会,中方再度呼吁美方展现诚意,采取行动。张军强调,半岛形势不稳的根源在于朝鲜面临的外部安全威胁长期得不到消除,下一步形势往哪里走,很大程度取决于美方怎么做,是真正拿出解决问题的具体行动,还是继续把半岛问题当作地缘战略的筹码。应当说中方的话已经说得很直白了,美方却充耳不闻。

On April 11, the US”Lincoln” nuclear powered aircraft carrier and its escort ship sailed into the eastern waters of the Korean peninsula again after a lapse of four years and five months. The U.S. aircraft carrier group then entered the sea of Japan and met the next dayJapan Maritime Self Defense ForceA joint military exercise was held, which was generally considered to”deter” North Korea. It can be seen that the United States still wants to continue to stimulate the escalation of regional tensions.

At this public meeting, Zhang Jun no longer retained it and pointed out in an anonymous manner that some countries called for the denuclearization of North Korea and were concerned about the development of North Korea’s military strength, but they themselves risked nuclear proliferationnuclear-powered submarineCooperation and developmentHypersonic weapon等。有国家说要应对“安全威胁”,自己却主张“核共享”。张军还直接点名美国,表示只要美国改变消极态度,security council成员就可以达成共识。

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中方的主张得到了俄罗斯的支持,俄罗斯常驻the United Nations副大使叶夫斯季格涅耶娃也表明,支持与中国提出的决议,并呼吁各方重启对话。其实不光是半岛局势,全世界地区安全最大的威胁和不稳定因素恰恰是“世界警察”美国,美国要把手伸到亚洲搅乱这平静的水面,中方坚决不允许。