Night reading – Lin Qingxuan:the taste of loveless flowers

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Characters:Lin Qingxuan

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ten thousand and eighty-eight

In the yardEpiphyllum突然间开了,一共十八朵。夜里,打开In the yard灯,坐在幽暗的室内望向窗外,乳白色的Epiphyllum在灯下有一种难言的姿色,每一朵都是一幅春天的风景。

Epiphyllum是不能近看的,它适合远观。近看的Epiphyllum只是Epiphyllum,一种炫目的美丽,远观的Epiphyllum就不同了,它像是池里的Water lilies在夜间醒来,一步一步走到人们的庭前后院,而且这些挺立在池中的Water lilies都爬到Epiphyllum枝上,弯下腰,吐露出白色的芬芳。

ten thousand and eighty-nine


后来我们把Epiphyllum熬了冰糖,在春天的夜里喝Epiphyllum茶有一种清香的滋味,喝进喉里,它的香气仿佛是来自天的远方,比起阳明山上白云山庄的Orchid tea毫不逊色——如果兰花是王者之香,Epiphyllum就是禅者之香,充满遥远、幽渺、神秘的气味。

ten thousand and ninety

果然,妻子说,Epiphyllum的另一个名字叫“忘情花”,忘情就是“寂焉不动情,若遗忘之者”,也就是Jin Shu中说的“圣人忘情”。在缤纷灿烂的花的世界里,“忘情花”不知是哪一位高人的命名,它为Epiphyllum的一生下了一个注解。Epiphyllum好像是一个隐者,举世滔滔中,Epiphyllum固守了自己的情,将一生的精华在一夜间吐放。它美得那么鲜明,那么短暂,因为鲜明,所以动人,因为短暂,才教人难忘。当它死了之后,我们喝着用它煎熬成的Epiphyllum茶,对Epiphyllum,它是忘情了,对我们,却把Epiphyllum遗忘的情喝进腹中,在腹中慢慢地酝酿。


ten thousand and ninety-one



ten thousand and ninety-two


In our childhood, under the guidance of our father, almost every brother was a”strange flower eater”. At that time, I was young and didn’t know how to cherish fragrance and jade. Now when I think of those flower souls, I always feel guilty in my heart.

食花真是有罪的吗?食了Epiphyllum真能忘情吗?有一次读《本草纲目》,知道古人也是食花的,古人也食草。《本草纲目》讲HemerocallisLi Jiuhua’s book on prolonging life was quoted as saying:”young seedlings are vegetables, and the wind moves when eating. It makes people faint as drunk and forget their worries because of their name.”

ten thousand and ninety-three


“Beautiful flowers are vegetables, which make people indifferent and detached. They forget their feelings because of their names.”

The taste of”loveless flower” is suitable for association. In our emotional world,”forgetting love” is almost impossible, because there is love, there is entanglement, and there is love, there is entanglement. To pull out the origin from entanglement and entanglement and move towards the open and extraordinary world, it is necessary to bloom beautifully in a short time like”forgetting love flower”. After withering, those entangled feelings will be fried, fried, boiled and fried, and then swallowed in one mouthful, And bury it in the deepest part of my heart until another opening moment.

ten thousand and ninety-four


We have made money, branded, and cherished incense and jade. That’s enough. What about forgetting love? What about ruthlessness?


Author:Lin Qingxuan, a contemporary writer, essayist, poet and scholar, is known as one of the”eight writers of contemporary prose” for his works of Bodhi ten books, pure lotus, peach blossom heart wood and so on.

ten thousand and ninety-five

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