Month: May 2022

United Nations representatives arrived in Mariupol for negotiations on the evacuation of the Asian speed steel plant

On April 30 local time, UN representatives arrived in Mariupol to prepare for negotiations on the evacuation of Yasu steel plant. The representatives of the United Nations and the International Red Cross, escorted by the Russian side, arrived at the village in the east of Mariupol, where they will work on the evacuation of personnel from the Asian speed steel plant.


The Russian army’s ground penetrating bomb hit the steel plant, and the American and British mercenaries were killed one after another. The”big fish” will surface

Today is the last day of April. The Chinese are celebrating the May Day holiday, but the Russian Ukrainian conflict has officially entered its 66th day. On the 30th, the United States, which has been busy”fanning the flames”, once again said without concealment that the U.S. military personnel are training and training more than 100 Ukrainian soldiers at the U.S. military base in Germany to learn how to use American made weapons and equipment.