Month: May 2022

The roles are vivid and vivid. The spring breeze is on the South Bank of the green river

Yesterday, the reality TV series “spring breeze on the South Bank of the Green River” was broadcast on Zhejiang satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV, and Tencent video and iqiyi were launched simultaneously. After the series was broadcast, the green charm of Jiangnan and the title of the play complement each other. The characters in the play, large or small, are vivid and vivid. Art and reality are harmonious and unified, and many praise have been received.


People who understand Luo Dayou are old? So what!

China Singapore Entertainment, Beijing, May 27 (reporter wangshiyao) – recently, “Archaeology” has become a hot word. Compared with the pop music world in 2000 represented by Jay Chou and Wang Xinling, Luo Dayou was a music icon in the 1980s and 1990s. Listening to his music is truly “retro”;.