The overall epidemic situation continued to show a downward trend

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Held on the 13thJoint prevention and control mechanism of the State CouncilAt the press conference, Lei Zhenglong, deputy director of the disease control bureau of the National Health Commission and first-class inspector, said that the recent epidemic situation in the whole country continued to show a downward trend. Since May 5, the number of new local infections in China has been less than 5000 every day, and the number of new infections in China fell to less than 2300 on May 12. However, at present, the global epidemic is still at a high level, the virus is still evolving, and there is still great uncertainty about the final trend of the epidemic. China will continue to face the great pressure of external defense input and internal defense rebound.

Explore the establishment of a 15 minute walk in a big citynucleic acid test“Sampling circle”

数据显示,截至目前,全国有1.3万家医疗卫生机构可以开展nucleic acid test,有15.3万专业技术人员从事nucleic acid test的技术工作。

“现在每天nucleic acid test的能力已经达到单管每日5700万管,总的来看nucleic acid test能力得到显著提升。”National Health Commission医政医管局监察专员郭燕红表示,在大城市建立步行15分钟nucleic acid test”Sampling circle”,一方面有利于公众就近就便接受nucleic acid test的服务,同时更有利于感染者的早期发现,来提高检测预警的灵敏度,早期发现疫情,有利于疫情的及时控制。

郭燕红介绍,目前在杭州、深圳等城市正在积极开展这项工作,取得了一些成效。nucleic acid test采样队伍的扩大方面,各地也在进行积极探索,鼓励具有卫生专业背景的人员经过当地卫生健康行政部门的培训参加核酸采样工作,也鼓励一般工作人员和志愿者负责信息录入、秩序维护,以及为老百姓进行答疑解惑。

为了确保nucleic acid test质量,除了常态化开展室内的质评工作以外,郭燕红介绍:“我们还组织国家的临检中心以及各省临检中心对于检测机构进行室间质评,已经对超过3.5万家次的实验室进行了室间质评,合格率达99.7%。”

对于大规模nucleic acid test是否容易造成cross infection的担忧,郭燕红表示,这不仅要具备一定的nucleic acid test能力,更重要的是要做好大规模nucleic acid test的组织管理,优化采样点的设置布局,做好分时段预约,呼吁社会公众给予积极配合。

Vaccination has a significant effect on the prevention of severe and death in the elderly

China CDCWang Huaqing, chief expert of the immunization program, said that from the monitoring and evaluation results in the areas where the Omicron virus strain is prevalent in China, especially in the areas where it is widely and seriously prevalent, it can be seen that there is an unusual difference in the protective effect between non vaccination and two doses and three doses, and there is also a significant difference in the effect of two doses and three doses on the prevention of severe illness and death.

Wang Huaqing quoted the information released by the Hong Kong Department of health on May 5 as saying that the case fatality rate among the elderly aged 70 to 79 who have not been vaccinated in Hong Kong is 5.55%, the case fatality rate after two doses of vaccine is 0.59%, and the case fatality rate after three doses of vaccine is 0.16%. At the same time, the research conducted by relevant experts in Jilin city shows that among people over the age of 60, they are not vaccinated and only vaccinated onceInactivated vaccineThe incidence of severe cases was more than 20 times higher than that of those who had been vaccinated twice or three times.

“Through the data, we can see that the whole process of vaccination and booster vaccination will have a better protective effect on severe and death prevention.” Wang Huaqing stressed that the current popularOmicronThe risk of virus infection is increasing due to the strong infectivity, fast transmission speed and hidden transmission process of the mutant strain. For those who are not vaccinated, especially the elderly who are not vaccinated and those with chronic basic diseases, the risk of severe illness and death still exists. This is also the reason why the global consensus immunization strategy of whole course vaccination and booster injection has not changed.

Most provinces and cities have set up a certain number ofmobile cabin hospital


郭燕红介绍,所谓分类收治,就是把轻症和无症状人员收入mobile cabin hospital,普通型、重型、危重型和有高危因素的感染者收入定点医院。目前,绝大部分省市已按照要求设置了一定数量的mobile cabin hospital,也为应对Omicron变异株引起的疫情做好了一定的床位储备。近期,mobile cabin hospital的启用在吉林、上海都起到了非常重要的作用。

郭燕红还指出,各省要做好疫情应对准备,特别是在mobile cabin hospital的建设上要做到有备无患——各省以地级市为单位,按照平战结合的原则,常规建设或者改造一定数量的mobile cabin hospital,相关水、电、厕所、淋浴、通风等基础设施要提前做到布局改造到位;做好mobile cabin hospital医务人员和医疗设备的准备工作,一旦发生疫情,医务人员以及相关设备能够在24小时内投入到位。

For community isolation measures, safe passages and life passages shall be reserved, and they shall not be locked and sealed

National Health CommissionWu Hao, leader of the community prevention and control expert group for the COVID-19 and Dean of the school of general medicine and continuing education of Capital Medical University, introduced that at this stage, for close contacts who need to be isolated and observed, centralized medical isolation observation is still the main measure. Home isolation observation is aimed at a small number of people who are not suitable for transfer and isolation, and their home environment needs to meet relevant requirements and conditions.

“People living in isolation at home need more care than usual. The community and professional departments should connect with them and give professional guidance, so as to ensure the basic life and medical needs.” Wu Hao pointed out that it is necessary to guide home isolation personnel to do a good job in ventilation, personal protection, meal sharing, disinfection, garbage disposal, personal self-health monitoring, as well as nucleic acid and antigen testing as required.

For the public’s concern about the use of barbed wire and other”hard isolation” prevention and control measures in individual communities, Wu Hao stressed that while taking physical isolation measures, it is necessary to reserve safe passages and life passages in combination with the geographical environment, arrange special personnel to be on duty, do not lock them, and ensure that the passages are unblocked in case of emergency.

Wu Hao said that he himself has repeatedly carried out tasks related to epidemic prevention and control. In order to control risks, he will also be arranged to be centralized or isolated at home.”Considering the different situations in different parts of China, especially the close contact and secondary close contact personnel of the community that has been spread for a period of time, we will take control and sealing control over some areas, including temporary social static control.”

Wu Hao stressed that deliberately concealing the itinerary and evading detection are illegal, which is very clear. The success of the fight against the epidemic is inseparable from the support and cooperation of the broad masses of the people. We should take the initiative to cooperateepidemiological investigation , to abide by various epidemic prevention measures is also a respect for the adherence of tens of thousands of front-line staff day and night.”We call on everyone not to go to medium and high-risk areas, do self-protection and health monitoring in life, pay attention to the epidemic situation notification of local disease control departments, isolate themselves at the first time when abnormal symptoms occur, and take the initiative to report. Everyone is the first person responsible for their own health.”

(Beijing, May 13)