The”great wisdom” of a foreign man

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ten thousand and eighty-six

This is a foreign man full of wisdom and courage!

Vladimir Putin, in the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Chinese army has been firmly seated, strategized, deployed troops and surrounded to provide assistance, which has fully demonstrated Russia’s cultural and military strategy and heroic nature as a superpower to the world.

Someone said, putBlitzkriegIt has become a protracted war, which will be a disaster for Russia;

Some people say that Russia has been dragged into the mire of war, sinking deeper and deeper, and its national strength is declining day by day, retrogressing for decades;

也有人说,战争烧钱无数,战局难见曙光,俄内外交困,Vladimir Putin已回天乏力。

But what some people see is another scene:

The Russian army seems to be playing slowly, but good news comes every day. Step by step, it erodes the effective strength of the Ukrainian army and destroys the defeated soldiers of the Asian speed battalion. The territory of Russia is expanding and expanding every day;

Russian currencyrouble不时增值,欧洲多国“身体诚实”地悄悄兑换rouble,用以购买俄天然气和石油,使得物资价格持续攀升;

The latest news is that Russia’s fiscal revenue has exploded. Russian Prime MinisterMishuskin表示,由于石油和天然气这两种重要的全球能源出口收入大幅增加,预算收入因此爆炸式增加,2022年俄罗斯经济的财政刺激规模将超过8万亿rouble。


ten thousand and eighty-seven

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is in full swing, and Emperor Puda is busy.

An old man in his 70s has used decades of wisdom and strategy to challenge the threats and sanctions of 40 countries around the world. He walks around without fear. With such breadth of mind, boldness of vision and confidence, nine out of ten have won.

The bosom friend of emperor Pu Da is hard to find, so he can only”play” a song alone《High mountains and flowing water》, the cold image of a lone hero and a lone Xiake has frightened the world. It is shameful, ridiculous and pitiful for people to hide behind the”false face” of the”leading brother” with their hearts, pretend to be just, wantonly plant and frame up, and fabricate lies and groundless accusations!

Faced with the constant fire and firewood from other countries, Puda was calm“A glance at the mountains””You have your Zhang Liangji, and I have my ladder to cross the wall”. How can you be arrogant and think that emperor Pu will be defeated, defeated and”bow down to be a minister” without even”Zhang Liangji”?

“Give me 20 years and give you a strong Russia…” emperor Pu’s bold words and strong language are still in my ears. He will not break his words. I must be convinced of it.

Let’s take a moment to enjoy this historic”Hollywood blockbuster” with great interest and have a good look at the hero弗拉基米尔·弗拉基米罗维奇·Vladimir PutinThe wonderful performance of”the whole play” is full of suspense, climax, soul stirring and heartfelt!

Give this man some time and he will bring a great surprise to the world

ten thousand and eighty-eight

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