A high school principal in the United States has been charged with 30 counts of sexual assault on Students

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According to foreign media reports, a high school principal in Pennsylvania was charged with having sex with a student and involving 30 charges related to sexual assault. The principal was summoned on June 21 local time, and the bail was set at $175000.

According to court documents submitted by the district judge’s office, Roger Weaver fried, 34, was the principal of the Williamsport regional high school. He had sexual relations with a student from his graduation from high school to his university. It is reported that Fred was charged with 30 Level 3 felonies, including sexual contact with students in school, bribery of minors, level 2 felony sexual assault, level 2 serious indecency without consent, and three crimes of providing alcohol to minors.

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A student at William Potter regional high school said that at first, he noticed that Fred was very popular with students in the middle school service center around 2015. After the death of one of Fred’s family members, the student began to believe that he could get emotional support from Fred. The student said,”I trust Fred as much as I trust my brother.”

Court documents show that since 2015, Fred and the student had”countless after-school interactions”. In the next two years of high school life, the two had sex”4-5 times a week”. However, this situation has not stopped after students graduated from high school in 2018. According to the affidavit, their sexual relationship lasted until April 2022.

The student told the police that Fred volunteered to drive him to different places for”one-on-one conversations”. According to the court documents, after Fred had his first contact with the students, Fred stressed to the students that they were not allowed to tell anyone about the matter or how private their relationship was. One night in 2017, when the student and Fred were driving around williamport, Fred drove the car to the parking lot. While massaging the student’s shoulders, he warned him:”do you promise not to tell anyone? I may lose my job because of this.” Afterwards, the student said that he felt very guilty about sexual behavior.

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