African life

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Let me talk about some strange customs and traditions in Africa. First of all, many people realize that Africans do not use tableware when eating. I can only grasp food with my hands, no matter what it is. They believe that this can experience the food more directly, and also prevent the mouth from being burned due to the food being too hot. Second, they don’t use toilet paper when they go to the toilet. They think it’s more hygienic and helps preventhemorrhoids。 Third, in India, it is the bride’s family who sends the dowry to the groom’s family. In our country, it is usually the groom’s family who sends the dowry to the bride’s family. If the dowry is too small, the bride’s life in her new home will be quite difficult. Fourth, in India, the wife is regarded as a rent. Because the bride’s family must provide a dowry, many men are afraid of having daughters, so there is a shortage of women in India. This has created a demand for wives, leading to the development of the wife rental industry. In my opinion, what the black man thinks is unusual. What do you think?

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