After Maradona died of sudden myocardial infarction, the medical team was charged with”intentional homicide”

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according toReuters报道,根according to22日公布的一项法律文件,在对Argentina“King”Diego Maradona 2020年因突发心梗去世进行调查后,8名照顾他的护理人员将在Argentina法院接受审判,他们被控犯“故意杀人罪”。根according toArgentina刑法,罪名一旦成立,通常会被判处8至25年监禁。

ten thousand and eighty-six


It is reported that in this 236 page legal document, the judge in charge of the case questioned”the behavior of each defendant”. The document states that”[they] either take the initiative or do not act, and these actions lead to and contribute to harmful results.”

according to了解,照顾MaradonaOf the eight people, doctors, nurses and a psychologist. The charge they face is a serious one, meaning”intentional homicide”.

2021年5月,有媒体披露了Maradona死因调查委员会的相关医学报告。报告显示,Maradona在去世前痛苦煎熬了12个小时,而他的私人医护团队没有提供应有的医治。另according toReuters消息,调查委员会认为Maradona的医护团队以“不适当、有缺陷和鲁莽的方式行事”。

ten thousand and eighty-seven



“As soon as I saw the cause, I said it was homicide. For this reason, I worked hard for a long time. Now that we have reached this stage, it means that this stage is over.” Baudry said.



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