America’s fattest policeman, an undercover gangster for 24 years, shouted to his superiors:if I don’t stop the Internet, I will be the boss

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“Undercover police” are extremely high-risk occupations for many people. They need to skillfully disguise themselves in the hostile camp to obtain information.

Especially after the police close the net, there are very few undercover officers who can withdraw completely. Once exposed, death may be the best destination for them. Most undercover policemen are tortured to the point that they can’t survive or die.

There is a legendary undercover who has worked as an undercover agent in the enemy camp for 24 of his 26 years of police career. During the undercover period, he not only swam between black and white, but also boldly shouted to his superiors:”if I don’t close the net again, I will be the boss!”

ten thousand and eighty-six

So how did the undercover policeman manage to walk between black and white, and finally almost become a”gang boss”? After the police closed the net, how did the undercover policeman end up?

If you want to know the legendary experience of this undercover policeman, you have to start from 1952.

For entryFBIRenounce one’s nationality

The undercover policeman’s name is”Jacquin Garcia”, and he was born in 1952 inCuba的一户中产阶级家庭。他的父亲是Cuba的财政高层,母亲年轻貌美,是Cuba红极一时的歌剧演员。为了谋求更好的发展,在1959年,杰昆的父亲带着全家人到美国做生意。

His rich family provides him with a lot of educational resources. His math scores are extremely poor. In order to help him with his math lessons, his father specially foundHarvardOur professor came to be his tutor.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

Despite his father’s efforts, Jacquin’s math scores are still horribly poor. When he went from high school to college, he did it by himselfrugbyThe extra points of athletes barely”pass” the score line,The teacher once accused him in front of Jack Kun that”except for sports, other subjects are useless. After graduation, they may need to be parasites of the family.


ten thousand and eighty-eight

becauserugby运动It consumes a lot of physical strength. Athletes need to eat a lot to keep their weight, so as to keep themselves in good condition on the field. Therefore, jiekun’s weight is also a little overweight.In order to become an FBI agent, Jack Kun did not eat hamburgers and high calorie food for two months, and with a very strong amount of exercise, he finally succeeded in losing 18 kg.

After losing weight, he inquired about the selection criteria of the FBI in many ways. When he learned that FBI agents must be United States nationals, he immediately consulted his father. After some”bargaining”, his father finally agreed to change his nationality, but the condition was that after becoming an undercover policeman, he must protect himself in the first time in case of danger.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

After changing his nationality, Jack soon passed the layers of screening by the FBI with excellent performance. In february1980, Jacqueline became an FBI agent. Jacqueline was 28 years old.

Crazy obesity is a blessing in disguise

There is a saying that he is”broad-minded and fat”. After entering the FBI, the big stone hanging in jekun’s heart finally fell down. Even under the heavy training, his weight still increased in a straight line.

FBI agents have a regular physical examination once a month, including routine examinations for height and weight. Jiekun once lamented:”the upper body weight scale is so terrible that it is even more terrible than devil training!” The FBI inspector also said many times:”you are too fat. You have to lose less than 100kg! Otherwise, you don’t look like a policeman, like a nouveau riche!”

After listening to this sentence, Jack Kun was hit hard, and once again started the road to lose weight. However, after he lost 20 kilograms, the FBI detective called off jackin’s weight loss plan.

ten thousand and ninety

It turned out that the FBI had a temporary mission to send a fat Spanish speaking man undercover to the largest gangster in the United StatesGambino family

Gambino family 帮派势力极大,主要以高利贷,赌博,偷盗和抢劫作为盈利手段。有Gambino family 在的地方,当地法律形同虚设,Gambino family 恨不得为自己量身定做出一套法律出来。

FBI此次派出卧底,就是希望掌握Gambino family 的具体行踪和犯罪证据,假以时日将Gambino family 一网打尽,而杰昆十分符合他们的选人条件。

尤其是杰昆换上花衬衫之后的“暴发户”形象,更是让FBI探长直呼“捡到宝了”。为了让杰昆更方便接近Gambino family ,FBI为杰昆量身定制了一个新身份“杰克.法尔科”。

ten thousand and ninety-one

在一次宴会当中,杰昆穿着私人高定,开着豪车,带着钻戒闪亮登场。初次登场的杰昆很快就吸引了Gambino family 的高层注意,“杰克.法尔科”的新身份也没有引起任何怀疑,初次目的已经达成。

为了让Gambino family 更加信任自己,杰昆多次“自掏腰包”上下打点,再加上杰昆比较胖,看起来和蔼可亲,Gambino family 逐渐对他放下了戒心,He arranged the identity of”kitchen manager” for jiekun, who was responsible for arranging the food, clothing, housing and transportation of the gang’s senior management.

Close to the real gang leader, Dousheng nearly fell short of the accident

Gambino family 的头目叫做狄波玛,此人阴险狡诈,喜怒无常。为了接近狄波玛,杰昆必须得表现出自己有超强的“偷盗技术”才能赢得狄波玛的信任。

ten thousand and ninety-two

Jekun once again paid out of his own pocket and kept sending diboma”stolen” jewelry. But even though Jacqueline had done so, Deborah still insisted on seeing the whole process of Jacqueline’s”stealing” with her own eyes.

As a last resort, Jack had to contact his boss, and the FBI global agent cooperated with Jack in a play. This time, jekun went through the process from stepping on the spot in the early stage to finally prying open the safe, and finally won the trust of deboma.

In order to celebrate that jekun won the trust of deboma, the FBI prepared a celebration party for jekun this time. But at the celebration banquet, Jack Kun suddenly found a drug dealer who had previously been sent in by Jack Kun himself.

This is like a thunderbolt for jackin on a sunny day. Once the drug dealers find out that jackin has gone back to report, all previous efforts will fall short, and even jackin himself will face the risk of being”cut to pieces”.

ten thousand and ninety-three

When he saw that the drug dealer’s legs were weak, he pretended to be calm and hid in an empty room before the drug dealer found out. Then jekun quickly contacted his superiors to learn about the general situation.

After some conversation, Jack Kun realized that the drug dealer in front of him had escaped from prison, and the FBI had never found the trace of the drug dealer. No one thought,”the most dangerous place is the safest place”. The drug dealer even escaped to the FBI celebration!

After knowing the specific direction of the drug dealer, the FBI immediately sent agents to arrest the drug dealer back to prison. After this incident, jiekun also understood that it was too early to hold any”celebration banquet” before the network was really closed.

接下来为了窃听狄波玛的谈话秘密,杰昆徒手切开自己身上的脂肪,在里面装上了窃听器。人前他尽心尽力“扮演”着黑帮小弟的就角色,背地里他又尽心尽力将自己所知道的情报上传给FBI,作为将来能够将Gambino family 一网打尽的证据。

ten thousand and ninety-four

During a day-to-day eavesdropping, jekun overheard deboma’s plan to list herself as the next heir! At that time, jekun was surprised and helpless,He called his superiors and said,”boss, close the Internet bar! If I don’t close the Internet, I will become a gangster!”

FBI探长也没想到杰昆能够将任务完成的如此出色,在卧底结束之后,杰昆一人就提交了85份起诉书,上交了一百多份录音记录和相关证据,Gambino family 被正式一网打尽。

ten thousand and ninety-five

After his successful retirement, Jack Kun started his weight-loss plan. Although he still failed, he has been working hard. After his retirement, Jacquin published an autobiography as”Jack Falco”, and he set up an animal protection organization to protect endangered wild animals.