Among the top 5 point guards in the history of the Chinese men’s basketball team, huweidong is firmly at the top of the list, and no one in active service is on the list

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Some people can know that they are strong only by their nicknames, such as”ChinaJordan——Huweidong”。1970年出生,身高1.98米的Huweidong身体素质出众、技术全面,被称为中国百年不遇的篮球天才。

He was unstoppable on the courtworld championshipPlay under the basketWilkins, slamming in the Olympic StadiumNBASuperstar Pippen.

1996 Atlanta Olympic Games前夕,中国队与湖人队打了一场热身赛,Huweidong和新秀Kobe在比赛中展开较量,三分球、突破、篮下单打无一不能,全场命中6记三分,拿下30分,并在比赛中给初出茅庐的Kobe送上追身大帽,令人记忆犹新。

Huweidong的CBAHis career is not long. He only played for 10 seasons, but his resume is very brilliant.

In 10 CBA seasons, he has won 2 MVPs, 3 scoring kings, 2 assists and 2 steals. His strength is evident. He is an undisputed CBA superstar.

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▶ Wuqinglong

Huweidong作为Front guard swingmanMost of the time, they still play small forward. If only from the point guard position, wuqinglong, one of the”three swordsmen in Liaoning”, was undoubtedly the best player. He was known as the first attack guard in Asia.

Wuqinglong, who is 1.91 meters tall and weighs nearly 200 kilograms, is very flexible. He runs like a fast-moving tank. He is known as the”fat man who can run the most”. As an all-around defender, he not only has strong scoring ability, but also is excellent in organizing attacks.

Because of his strong body, he developed the technology of back dribbling across the front court, which has been inherited by domestic defenders.

WuqinglongHis housekeeping skills are accurate three-point shots. His career hit rate of three-point shots is as high as 41.8%, and the more critical the moment is, the more accurate it is. After the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Gamesassociated press称为亚洲第一得分后卫。94年多伦多world championship、96年亚特兰大奥运会两次随队杀入八强。

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The nickname is”crooked handle machine gun”. As his nickname shows, his shooting posture is different. He is a little inclined when lifting the ball, but his hand feel is excellent. The mid and long range shot is very accurate.

他不仅投篮准,而且技术全面,快速灵活,1986年的world championship上,ZhangYongJun一共投进35个三分球,被评为当时world championship三大射手之一。

reach1988 Seoul Olympic Games上,ZhangYongJun7战贡献3场30+得分,至今这一单届洲际赛的国内纪录无人打破,ZhangYongJun场均贡献20.4分,是中国篮坛不可多得分卫球星。

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“Small, fast, accurate and smart” is enough to summarizeChinese men’s basketball team在内线长人群崛起之前的风格。在分卫位置上,活跃于八十年代的Liyaguang称得上是这一种经典风格的代言人。


1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games,中国队七战两胜,获胜的两场比赛靠的正是Liyaguang的超神发挥。在小组赛第二场,Liyaguang全场砍下31分,帮助中国队取得奥运赛场的首胜,堪称职业生涯最佳场次。

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Zhangjinsong可以说是Chinese men’s basketball team第一个真正意义上的3D球员,“投篮准确,抢断凶狠,步伐灵活,配合默契,进攻是把尖刀,防守像阼碉堡”,这句话是对Zhangjinsong最经典的评价 ,助中国队拿下5次亚锦赛冠军、2次亚运会冠军。04年雅典奥运会随队杀进八强。

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