Behind the takeoff of group 02 of remote sensing 35, they used”China Star” to travel in space

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On the morning of June 23,Long March 2D CarryingRemote sensing 35 group 02 satelliteThe satellite successfully entered the predetermined orbit and the launch mission was a complete success. Strengthen mission commitment, be brave in innovation and breakthrough, comprehensively improve modern space launch capability, and strive to build a world-class space launch site… Behind the rocket take-off, there are such a group of astronauts who carefully organize and implement to ensure complete success, and use excellence to promote”China Star” to travel in space.

ten thousand and eighty-six

15 square meters of collective office, 20 square meters of dormitory apartment,Launch siteThere are ten equipment rooms, control rooms and test rooms in the district. This is Yang Wen. Except for vacations and business trips, except for parents and lovers, the whole world.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

stayXichang Satellite Launch Center, a huge ground equipment system service support network, converging the technical department of the centerSystem Engineer团队三代人的心血。2007年,第一代的地勤网实现了Launch site低温加注的远程控制;2012年,第二代的地勤网实现了Launch site地面设备的全覆盖;而杨文所带领团队出击的第三代目标,就是智能高效、自主可控。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

牵头完成二代网实现全覆盖后,杨文带领地面设备系统把三代织网面临的难题瓶颈作为攻坚方向,不断升级的地勤网向着自主可控、大数据分析、全态感知的前沿方向茁壮成长。伴随着一项项成果推出,如今这支团队主动承担地面关键控制系统设计研发,主持完成的XichangLaunch site地勤网系统IP化改造、XichangLaunch site常规加注投影显示软件、面向航天发射的工业互联网平台等重大科研项目,多次获得国家级大奖。而他们默默冲锋的姿态,映照stay那份雷打不动的“作息时间表”上,自始如一,从未懈怠。

ten thousand and eighty-nine

Watch the wind and lightning, watch the flying window. During this mission,Xichang所stay地区进入雨季,降雨密集、雷暴频繁,给气象保障带来了不小挑战。为了实现“精细”“精准”的保障目标,技术部气象保障团队抽组骨干力量,stay日常保障基础上增派1名预报员进驻场区。过程中,他们因为准确预报,使火箭转场和组合体转场时间分别比预定转场时间提前1天,有效规避了雷雨天气对任务实施的不利影响,为火箭腾飞觅得“最佳天窗”。

ten thousand and ninety

周密组织实施,确保圆满成功。计量是任务成功的基础,Launch site上成千上万的仪器仪表、庞大纷繁的设备设施、错综复杂的电磁环境都事关火箭发射的成败。然而,完成一次任务的计量工作,就要检定仪器仪表近万个;完成一次标准合格的检定,就要操作设置上千次。坚守这样一个没有太多鲜花和掌声的幕后岗位,无时无刻不考验着技术部计量团队。

ten thousand and ninety-one

“我们是最早开始执行任务的团队。”电学组负责人范文说,早stay火箭卫星进场前,他们就已马不停蹄地开始了Metrological verificationWork. In order to overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic, the metrology team worked overtime to complete the testing, calibration and verification of thousands of instruments and equipment in a combined mode of centralized verification and emergency verification. With”200%accuracy and reliability” of various instruments and meters, it laid a solid insurance for the smooth progress of various tests of the task.

ten thousand and ninety-two

精心准备、精心组织、精心实施。Xichang Satellite Launch Center指挥控制中心作为航天发射的指挥枢纽,有着诸多精密设备,这些设备的运行都需要配电“输血”和空调“供氧”,而这项24小时不间断保障的工作正是由勤保分系统承担完成。他们甘居幕后、坚守使命,以出色的“看家”本领为航天发射指挥控制任务提供了稳妥可靠的保障。这个平均年龄只有25岁的年轻团队,就像一颗永不停歇的“心脏”,为任务成功保驾护航。无论白天还是黑夜,每次发射任务,他们都时刻紧绷神经注意机器的运转状态,每半小时检查1次设备数据,stay噪声高达80分贝、充满electromagnetic radiationFor 8 hours.

The noisy and monotonous post work has not shaken their original intention to stick to their posts and their determination to devote themselves to aerospace. With 8 hours of preparedness and 24 hours of hard work, they have ensured that the power quality is stable and reliable, the temperature and humidity environment is controlled accurately, and the equipment is in good condition, so as to ensure that the space launch is safe with practical actions.

Exploring the vast universe, developing the space industry and building a space power are our unremitting Aerospace dream. With three satellites entering orbit accurately,Solar panel展开正常,庆贺成功的大红屏stayXichang Satellite Launch Center的各个机房同时亮起,大红屏的光,照stay一张张航天英雄的脸上,显得格外动人……

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