Contributions made during the Obama administration

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In his first two years in office,Obama签署了许多里程碑式的法案。主要改革包括《患者保护和平价医疗法案》(通常被称为“Obama医改”)、《Dodd Frank Wall Street reform and Consumer Protection Act》And the don’t ask, don’t say repeal act of 2010. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the《Tax reliefThe unemployment insurance reauthorization and job creation act stimulated the economy during the great recession, butrepublican party在2011年重新控制了众议院。经过对国债限额的冗长辩论,Obama签署了预算控制和美国纳税人救济法案。在外交政策方面,Obama增加了美国在AfghanistanOur troops have been reduced through the new strategic arms reduction treaty between the United States and Russianuclear weapon, and endedIraq WarMilitary intervention. He ordered yesLibyaMilitary intervention againstmuammar gaddafi And take military action leading toOsama Bin Laden Death.

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在击败republican party提名人米特罗姆尼赢得连任后,Obama于2013年宣誓连任。在第二个任期,Obama推动了对美国同性恋、双性恋和变性者的更大包容,他的政府提交了辩护状,敦促最高法院以违宪为由取消同性婚姻禁令(United States v . Windsor and Obergefell v . Hodges)。针对桑迪胡克小学枪击案,Obama还倡导枪支管制,并发布了涉及气候变化和移民的广泛行政措施。在外交政策方面,Obama下令对IraqMilitary intervention in responseISIL在2011年从Iraq撤军后取得的进展,继续结束美国在Afghanistan的作战行动,推动导致2015年全球气候变化巴黎协议的讨论,在俄罗斯入侵UkraineAfter that, the sanctions against Russia were launched, which contributed toIranReach a nuclear agreement and realize theCubaRelationship normalization.

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