Durant talks about Owen’s contract renewal:I won’t intervene. No matter what happens, it won’t affect our feelings

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ten thousand and eighty-six

KevinDurantTalk about in the programKyrie Irving The topic of renewal.

DurantSay:”I can’t intervene. This is his life. It’s much more important than me. Becoming a free agent is one of the most important things in your career. It can’t be influenced by others. Now nothing will happen. I just let things develop naturally and see what will happen. But I will continue to talk with Carey and see what will happen. It’s completely out of my control and I don’t want to participate. Basketball is the most important thing, but I Do not want to interfere in other people’s personal decisions. No matter what happens, our friendship will not change.”

Previously, woj reported that,basket netIn andIrving的谈判中,最大的担心是Irving离队,Durant也会跟着提出交易走人。Woj称Durant是Irving最大的谈判筹码。

Durant说:“那只是报道,你知道,总决赛刚结束,选秀大会,报道无处不在。这是很有意思的话题,我们球队有很多话题。本不能上场,我们playoffSwept away, Carey entered the free market. I can understand why we have so much noise. As an individual, you can only control what you can control. If the time is right, everything will flow to the canal.”