FIFA ranking:the national football team fell out of the top 10 in Asia, only ranked 11th, and the world ranking fell another 1

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ten thousand and eighty-six

On June 23, Beijing time,FIFAAnnounced the new men’s football rankings. The ranking of the national football team wasUzbekistanBeyond, it has dropped to No. 11 in Asia, and the world ranking has dropped from No. 77 to No. 78, ahead of No. 12 in AsiaBahrainThe score is less than 20 points.

In the past scoring cycle, the national football team did not participate in any competition, while in Asia, half of the national teams participated in the Asian preliminaries, while Japan and South Korea led in various warm-up competitions, and Australia participated in two world preliminaries.

ten thousand and eighty-seven


IranStill the highest ranked Asian team in the world, Japan, South Korea, AustraliaQatarSaudi Arabia, UAEIraq、阿曼,分列亚洲的第2-第9位。Bahrain和Jordan排在亚洲的第12和第13位,但落后国足的积分只有20分左右,如果国足长期没有比赛,而Bahrain、Jordan找弱队刷分,国足的排名还将进一步下滑。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

In international football, Brazil andBelgiumIt still occupies the top two, Argentina surpasses France to become the top three, and France falls to the fourth. England, Spain, ItalyNetherlands, grape leaves andDenmarkRanking 5-10 respectively.

Because it will be carried out next monthEast Asia Cup的比赛,中国队方面将派出U23国足出战,虽然只是一支年轻的队伍,但却是以国足名义亮相,届时的比赛胜负也会计入积分,换句话说,East Asia Cup上,中国队的发挥一旦不佳,积分届时还将缩水。