Grand release! The college entrance examination results of Jiangxi Province in 2022 were announced, and the scores of each batch also came out

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The time for the annual and high-profile release of the college entrance examination has come again. The excited mood is accompanied by complex thoughts. There is really a“The cutting is continuous and the management is disordered”What a smell!

ten thousand and eighty-six

On June 23, Jiangxi Province took the lead in announcing the scores of candidates for the 2022 college entrance examination nationwide.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

Many examinees, parents and teachers finally know their scores (children or students) after being”tortured and tortured” by anxiety and impatience, and after tossing and turning and sleepless nights.

The results of the college entrance examination have been announced, and the once familiar plot will inevitably be staged!

There are college entrance examination students at home“A few happy and a few sad”-“happy families are always similar, but each unhappy family has its own misfortune”.

*Xueba’s family, whose achievements are ideal and exceed their expectations, will of course be laughing, singing, dancing and celebrating;

*Families who learn from scum, whose grades are poor and fail to reach their goals, must be gloomy, overcast and oppressive

ten thousand and eighty-eight

ten thousand and eighty-nine

After the score is released, it will be at 10:00 a.m. today (June 23),Jiangxi education examination instituteIt also released the scores of various batches of Arts and Sciences for the college entrance examination in Jiangxi in 2022.

The score lines of each batch of Arts and Sciences of Jiangxi college entrance examination enrollment in 2022 are as follows:

1、 Literature and history department:

  • (1) Undergraduate batch 1:529 points
  • (2) Second batch of Undergraduates:472 points
  • (3) Vocational College:150 points

2、 Science and Engineering:

  • (1) Undergraduate batch 1:509 points
  • (2) Second batch of Undergraduates:440 points
  • (3) Vocational College:150 points

Compared with 2021, the college entrance examination scores of Jiangxi Province this year are characterized by a decline in both arts and Sciences.

ten thousand and ninety

ten thousand and ninety-one

The biggest features are:Liberal Arts sharp drop, science light drop.

  • 1. A substantial decline in the score of one course:the score of one course in liberal arts dropped sharply by 30 points, and the score of one course in science dropped by 10 points! Prove that this year’s college entrance examination papers are really difficult! Compared with last year, there are a lot less candidates in the high section.

  • 2. The second line is slightly lower:the second line of liberal arts is significantly lower by 24 points, and the second line of science is slightly lower by 3 points.

  • 3. Compared with last year, the gap between the scores of Arts and Sciences has narrowed significantly. Last year, the difference between arts and science was 559-519=40 points, but this year it narrowed to 529-509=20 points; Last year, the difference between the two books was 496-443=53 points, but this year it narrowed to 472-440=32 points. This year is almost 20 points smaller than last year.

  • 4. The score line of Higher Vocational Colleges remains the same, with 150 points.
ten thousand and ninety-two

In fact, the scores of candidates are not the most important determinant of college admission. The decisive factor is the ranking of candidates in the province!

Because your score is high, it does not mean that you are in the top position (maybe others do better); Similarly, if you think you have failed the exam, the score is not ideal, but it does not mean that your position is behind, and others may have done worse. (of course, the higher the score, the higher the score, which is for sure!)

Therefore, when filling in and submitting volunteers, we must pay close attention to the key indicator of”candidate position”!

ten thousand and ninety-three

ten thousand and ninety-four


p data-track=”1″>The score is out, the score line is announced, and then it is voluntary filling. Please pay attention to this headline“There is a Chinese toon tree at the end of the village“Will continue to bring more volunteer filling methods and skills to the majority of candidates. Welcome to the crowd.