I am an American. I have been in China for 7 years. I married a man from Hebei and gave birth to a mixed race son. I also want to become a Chinese citizen

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Hello, my name is anbo’er. I am 33 years old and have been in China for 7 years. Although I am an American, I like Chinese history very much. For this reason, I came to China regardless of my parents’ opposition. Until now, I still appreciate my original choice. Now I have a loving husband, a lovely mixed race baby boy, and I have also lived the Chinese life I once yearned for. I am very satisfied with this.

ten thousand and eighty-six

My selfie

I was born in New York, the United States. My father is the management of a hotel. My mother is a salesman of a company. In addition to my parents, I have a 3-year-old younger sister and a 6-year-old younger brother. At that time, our family conditions were good.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

New York

In fact, our three siblings are of Chinese descent, which dates back to the time when my grandfather’s grandfather was still alive. My grandfather’s grandfather once married a Chinese woman. For this reason, since my mother married my father, my family began to have some Chinese habits.

In my childhood, the most profound memory is that my mother taught our children to use chopsticks. Although I was slow to learn, I thought it was very interesting. This should be the first thing I came into contact with China, which my mother brought to me.

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I started kindergarten at the age of 5. Most of the kindergarten children are extroverted, but I am just the opposite. Therefore, no children came to play with me, and my childhood was lonely.

This state was maintained until I was 14 years old. At that time, I was in the third year of junior high school. I found something I was interested in, and I was happy for it. With its company, I was no longer lonely.

So what makes me no longer lonely? It is Chinese history. I remember very clearly that a history teacher came to the class at that time. He especially liked to talk about Chinese history, which was spoken by all dynasties. Through his talk, I saw a country with a long history. At this time, I began to look forward to everything in China.

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Scene reproduction teacher’s lecture

So I begged my parents to buy me a lot of books about Chinese history. Since then, I have read books at home in addition to taking classes at school. The more you see, the more you know, the more interesting you feel about Chinese history.

At this time, I have a dream, that is to go to China and see it with my own eyes.So I have a plan to learn Chinese. When I was 17 years old, my parents downloaded a paid software for learning Chinese on my computer.

After that, when I have free time, I will learn Chinese on it. However, the effect of self-study is not very good, because no one can help me correct my pronunciation. So I begged my parents to help me sign up for a tutoring class for learning Chinese outside school.

ten thousand and ninety


Four months later, my Chinese level can reach the level of daily communication. At the same time,我想要去China的愿望也越发强烈了。

In 2008, the economic crisis broke out in the United States, many companies went bankrupt and many people lost their jobs. Therefore, many families were in financial distress, and our family was no exception.

I should have gone to college, but my family can no longer support my three children to study together. As the eldest daughter, I chose to suspend my schooling. At that time, I wanted to help my family through the difficulties before going to college.

ten thousand and ninety-one

Scene reappearance non self

After that, I worked in a shop selling second-hand goods to make money. I am very tired. In addition to working, I have to take time to study. Sometimes, I am also very confused. I don’t know when this situation will end.


One day in 2010, my neighbor’s brother came to me and said:“我知道你一直想去China,现在有个机会,你要不要去,我也会去的。”

To tell the truth, I was really happy. Obviously, I didn’t hope. As a result, I turned around and gave me such a big surprise. Therefore, I nodded my head without hesitation.


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ten thousand and ninety-three

I was then

After that, I went to a boarding family I had contacted before, and my brother went to another family. This is the first time to live in someone else’s house. I was still a little timid. However, when I got there, all the tension and fear disappeared. Because they are so nice.


ten thousand and ninety-four

Beijing的广场 情景再现

That night, when they saw that I was still energetic, they took me to a square. This was a scene I had never seen before. There were many people dancing with the music in the square. No matter the young or the old, their faces were smiling。 At this moment, I felt a different kind of happiness. I finally understood what kind of life I wanted.

与其他外国人不同的是,我很快适应了China的生活,尤其是饮食,我真的太喜欢China美食了,无论是Kung Pao Chicken, fried chicken, orFried lotus root我觉得我和China有一种冥冥注定的缘分。

ten thousand and ninety-five

Fried lotus root


Of course, they are also very affectionate. Every night when they have time, the host often sings to his wife. He sings a lot, but what impresses me is a love song《Look at the girl across the street》。

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Music score


Later, because the host and hostess of the host family had to go to work, they asked the host’s parents to accompany me. Every weekend, we would go out to play together.

ten thousand and ninety-seven

the Great Wall

在此期间,我看过the Great Wall、也去了tian’anmen square以及Beijing的其他景点,不仅如此,他们还带我去了天津河北等Beijing附近的城市。当真正地看过这些景色,就会有一种无法用语言形容的感觉,总之这是在书本上无法体会到的。我觉得这就是独属于China的美吧!

This is my favorite life, but the happy time is always short. After a year, I will return to China。 Although I didn’t give up, I left. But the moment I got on the plane, I swore in my heart:总有一天,我还会来China,因为我已经爱上了这里。

In 2011, I went to college andVerton Montgomery Community CollegeI studied preschool education, but after a year and a half, I changed schools and went toNew York州立大学, learnedChild psychologyMajor, because I took classes online, I also found three part-time jobs during this period.

ten thousand and ninety-eight

New York州立大学

2015年我大学毕业了,此时我做了一个决定—去ChinaMy parents don’t agree very much. They think that if a girl goes out so far, they can’t accompany me in time. But my attitude was very firm. In the end, my parents couldn’t twist me, so they had to let me go.

就在这年的12月,我带着自己攒的钱,再次来到China,Maybe it’s because I’ve been here once before. When I just got off the plane and saw everything in front of me, I felt extremely cordial.

This time I was picked up by the young couple. After living in their house for a month, I made a request to leave. They tried their best to keep me, but I didn’t think it was good to disturb them all the time, so I refused them.

ten thousand and ninety-nine

Be a tutor

However, they are really good people. Worried that I am a little girl and have no relatives to take care of, they found a house for me. After that, I found a job as an English tutor in a training institution.



ten thousand and one hundred

I am teaching

In 2017, I changed to a better paid job and taught in a kindergarten. At this time, I was 28 years old. Seeing that girls of the same age around me had boyfriends, I began to look forward to the boy who sang love songs for me.

One day in april2017, I just got off work, dragged my tired body in bed and played with my mobile phone. I didn’t know how to get to the interface of people nearby, and then the news came the next day“Hello”。 Because I was bored, I chatted with him. Through the conversation, I learned some information about him.


ten thousand one hundred and one

Wangxinqi is working in a factory

I told him that I sympathized with his experience, but he said that everything was over and people should look forward. To tell the truth, I think he is a very strong and optimistic person. In the spirit of making friends, I talked with him more and more. I also found that he is a very interesting person. Therefore, we added wechat friends.

That night, we talked late into the night, and we also felt that it was too late to meet each other. After that, I started chatting with him every once in a while to share my daily life and hobbies. Six months later we became lovers.

In january2018, I went to my boyfriend’s hometown. My boyfriend’s family was very friendly to me, which reduced my tension. This time, we discussed the marriage.

ten thousand one hundred and two

Wedding photo

In August, 2018, my boyfriend and I got the marriage certificate in his hometown. In October, we held a wedding. What makes me happy is that despite the long journey, my parents still came here, and为我和丈夫送上了最真挚的祝福。