Mingcha’s Pro abortion rights parade on the streets of Los Angeles was used to discredit China

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The conflict between the police and the public shown in the online video was not in Shanghai, but at the intersection of main st and 5th st in downtown Los Angeles. The publisher later tweeted that the news he edited was”Stinky bait”, but it attracted”many people to bite the hook”.

The original video was uploaded by a user named Durham operations toTwitter。 Previously,United States Supreme CourtOverturning the judgment in the case of Roe v. Wade triggered public demonstrations in Los Angeles.

Event background


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Use Invid software to intercept the key frames of the video andGoogle图片中反搜,可发现Twitter用户Durham Operations于6月25日12:11发布过上述视频。其视频时长同为38秒,与网传视频无异,其配文为:“这是现在在洛杉矶市区正在发生的,支持堕胎权的示威者被警察拖拽过街道。”

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此外,在反搜过程中,还可以发现在同一地点不同角度的视频。比对可知,在来自Twitter用户Andre Tinoco发布的视频中出现的一位棕色头发黑色无袖上衣的女子,与原网传视频第10-12秒出现的女子为同一人,此视频呈现的应为同一场景的另一视角。

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On the top is a video posted online, and on the bottom is a video from another angle. In the video, the woman in black coat is shouting at the police who are dragging away.

Andre Tinoco视频出现了一些标志性的建筑物,如写着“400S Main St”字样的路牌以及一家名为“Alexandria”宾馆的招牌。综合以上信息在Google地图中进行搜索,可以确定此次冲突的位置为洛杉矶主街和第五大街交汇的十字路口处。

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Google街景Compared with the video content, it can be seen that the shape of the building is the same as the wall painting in the distance.

ten thousand and ninety-one

Google街景与视频内容比对,可见同样的写有400 S Main St的路牌。

ten thousand and ninety-two

Google街景与视频内容比对,可见同样的写有Gallery Row和Main St的路牌。

除了上述视频外,还有多名网友在Twitter等社交平台上“实时转播”了6月24日晚洛杉矶街头的抗议游行。例如,一名叫“Josh Pacheco”的摄影记者用镜头记录了游行的另一面向。通过视频中出现的“Dunkin’ Donuts”招牌和玻璃倒影中的“Whole Foods Market”,可以将以下视频拍摄地点定位至洛杉矶奥利弗大街754号附近。此外,Pacheco在其个人网站上也放出了更多当晚抗议人群与警察冲突的照片。

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Pacheco posted photos and videos of the demonstration site on his personal website.

根据视频发布者们的描述,视频内容为洛杉矶街头反对United States Supreme Court当天推翻“罗诉韦德案”判例的抗议行动,多家媒体的报道也与这些视频的内容相印证。6月24日,United States Supreme Court宣布推翻1973年对“罗诉韦德案”的判例,否认堕胎权属于宪法权利,并将堕胎的合法性问题留给了各州应对。这意味着,美国女性的堕胎权将不再受宪法保护。当天,洛杉矶街头便聚集了一批支持堕胎权的民众进行抗议示威活动。

According to ABC7 on June 26, the protest started on Friday local time and continued on Saturday. It took place indowntown los angeles The third, fourth and fifth streets and main streets.

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Screenshot of ABC7 related reports.


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To sum up, the police’s violent suppression of protests shown in the online video did not take place in Shanghai, but in Los Angeles. The reason was that the Los Angeles people protested against the Supreme Court’s overturning of the ruling on the”Roe v. Wade case” and took to the streets to support the right to abortion.

Xing Tan, senior editor of this issue