The CSL lost its face and went abroad! Ridiculed by Korean media:playing Shaolin football again

By yqqlm yqqlm

The 2022 CSL has passed six rounds. Due to various reasons, the competitive level of this season’s CSL has fallen sharply, and there are many rude fouls and low-level mistakes, which make the fans cold. After the sixth round of the league, the rough and violent scenes of the CSL even attracted the attention of the Korean media, and were once again derided as”Kung Fu football”.

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Khan, a South Korean media, said in his report:”Chinese players like to play Shaolin football, which even makes their own commentators shake their heads. In the sixth round of the CSL against HenanDalianHenan playersMaxingyu用一个传统的功夫踢腿狠踹对手后背,对方球员痛苦挣扎,而Maxingyu则是一脸轻松。主裁判在看了VAR之后,立刻给了Maxingyu一张红牌。”

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The media also extended the rude fouls on the CSL field to the national team level.”For a long time, Chinese players have been playing Shaolin football or Kung Fu football. Therefore, no matter in the world preliminaries or in the Asian championship, people do not want to meet Chinese teams. They will be careful because you may be kicked by them if you are not careful. Even in the Chinese football world, there have been voices to improve Shaolin football, but this has become their habit. It is not a problem that can be changed overnight.”

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从慢镜头回放来看,Maxingyu这个犯规动作确实很危险,也很夸张。本赛季,中超赛场上的这些粗野动作确实有些过多了,赛季初期每轮比赛都有红牌出现,甚至在一段时间内红牌大爆发,本身就是中超比赛竞技逐渐“粗野化”的一个证明。很难想象,如果中国球员真的形成这样的踢球习惯,未来在世预赛或者Asian CupHow far can they go in such an event?