The earth flies 630 kilometers per second through the universe. Where is the destination? Scientists have given the answer

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The sun rises in the East and sets in the west, and the seasons alternate,These phenomena are actually related to the rotation and revolution of the earthThese two modes of motion are also the two most familiar stellar motions, but in fact, the earth’s motion in the universe is not just simple rotation and revolution.

According to the statistics of scientists,The earth moves 630 kilometers in the universe every second。 Such figures are indeed some amazing, so where is the ultimate destination of the earth’s high-speed movement? Scientists may have found the answer to this question.

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Motion and stillness in the universe

Static matter is a relative concept. Many people believe that there is no absolutely static matter in the world, because our universe is in constant motion,Its expansion naturally causes any matter in the universe to move with itTherefore, it is an indisputable fact that the static mountains and buildings we see in our life are dragged by the earth and galloping in the universe.

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So, what is the reason behind the movement of our earth? First of all, the rotation and revolution of our earth are inseparable from the sun. The sun has a large volume and mass. Its huge size brings it strong gravity, which also allows it to capture our earth and make the earth rotate around it regularly for a long time.

During this rotation,Our earth’s own magnetic field is affected bySolar magnetic fieldImpact of, the rotation is caused by friction, which is the essential reason for the movement of the earth at the micro angle.

From a macro point of view, the movement of the earth is not worth mentioning in the universe, because large celestial bodies like the sun actually move under the action of other stars.

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The movement of the sun

“The sun is moving.”这样的说法很多人可能一时间无法接受,因为我们看到的许多影视作品都没有把The movement of the sun很好的体现出来。很多人也就想当然的认为太阳在宇宙中是固定不动的。

But in fact, the pioneers of astronomyGalileoAs early as the seventeenthcenturyAstronomical telescope发现了The movement of the sun,它观测到太阳上的太阳黑斑位置每天都会出现差异,这样的差异是以平移为主导的。

Therefore,Galileo断定太阳是会自转的Instead of being as motionless as a mountain in human cognition.

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虽然Galileo的理论在当时并没有受到认可,但是在后来的人类科技的发展过程中人们才意识到了Galileo的正确。 Since the development of astronomy has stepped into modern times, human beings have been able to observe more stars in more detail.

In earlier years, the revolution of the sun was deduced from the rotation of the sun:The sun does not revolve around a specific star, but withThe Milky wayThe nucleus of the galaxy moves as the center.

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太阳系对于The Milky way而言是一个普普通通的星系,在整个The Milky way中有超过两千亿颗和太阳类似的恒星存在。它们都随着The Milky way的星系核做旋转运动,科学家们推测太阳每秒钟就要运动上超过230公里,但哪怕在这样的速率之下围绕The Milky way公转一周大约需要花费整整2.5亿年,可见The Milky way的庞大体型。

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Greater celestial motion

The earth revolves around the sunthe galaxy转,而the galaxy自身也并不是静止的,科学家们根据The Milky way的运动轨迹推断出了The Milky way的未来。

in the futureThe Milky way在几十亿年的发展中已经成为了一个大型星系,It can capture many surrounding stars, making its own mass and volume continuously increase.

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而The Milky way的运动速率会因为自身质量的不断增加而越来越快,对其他天体的吞并和捕获也就会越来越频繁,Until they collide with other large galaxies

所以,The Milky way也是不断运动着的,目前,The Milky way的运动速率大约是每秒钟630公里。

在这样的速度影响下,太阳系这样被The Milky way捕捉的星系也只能随之运动,我们人类事实上也是每秒钟就要在宇宙中运动至少630公里。那么这种End of motion究竟在哪里呢?

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End of motion

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question, because human science and technology are still quite limited,Only a certain number of celestial bodies can be observedYou can’t really understand the universe.

在猜想中,人们认为The Milky way也是因为一种引力而运动的,因为宇宙空间内的几乎所有天体运动都和引力有关,The Milky way虽然体型庞大但是一定逃不出这个定律。

只不过目前人类的科学技术有限,没办法找出影响The Milky way运动的天体,因此人类将这种天体暂时称之为Giant citation source

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In the conjecture of scientists,这个Giant citation source扮演着一个十分重要的角色,它的体积和质量一定都非常巨大,可以产生足够的引力来吸引The Milky way这种大型星系的运动,同时,它还有着较高的稳定性,使得The Milky way有着充足的时间捕捉其他游荡的天体。

其次,这个Giant citation source和The Milky way的距离一定很长,否则The Milky way可能会被其巨大的引力直接扯碎。

虽然我们人类还没有直接观测到假想当中的Giant citation source,但是科学家们的研究却从未停止,也许在未来的某一天,Giant citation source的庐山真面目会浮出水面。

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宇宙中的运动有终点么?在Giant citation source背后是否还有着其他上层天体在使其运动呢?这些问题的答案只能由后世告诉我们了。

But knowing that you will wander 630 kilometers in the universe every second is really a magical thing.

“I don’t know what the future holds for me,cicada“I don’t know the age”Human beings are too small in the universe, but we still believe that the future of human beings is bright and will be able to uncover the mystery of the universe.

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