The second stage of CSL will start on July 21. The competition system and venue are the same as the first stage. The kick-off time in Haikou Division will be postponed

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According to the plan, after the first phase of the 2022 CSL ends on July 12, the second phase will be held from July 21 to August 21.Beijing Youth DailyAfter verification, the reporter confirmed that the centralized competition system will continue to be adopted in this stage. The competition will be held inMeizhou, HaikouDalianIn 3 competition areas. In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the law enforcement of the league, on the basis of centralized distribution of all certified referees in three competition areas, the event organizers will arrange some referees to exchange between different competition areas according to the importance of some competitions and the principle of territorial avoidance of referees. In addition, due to weather factors, the kick-off time of some matches in Haikou match area will be appropriately postponed, so as to protect the health and safety of the players to the greatest extent.

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截止到目前,新赛季中超联赛首阶段赛程已过半。赛事主办方近期也已着手启动联赛第2阶段各项准备工作。在此之前,有媒体曾猜测,因首阶段赛事Meizhou赛区出现了一定“状况”,因此赛事主办方有可能另选赛区,取代Meizhou赛区承办第2阶段其中1个组别的赛事。甚至有媒体猜测,成都、武汉有可能“接盘”中超部分组别赛事。不过,北青报记者核实了解到,截止到目前,赛事主办方并没有这样的计划。换言之,第2阶段赛事仍将按原计划分别在Meizhou, HaikouDalian3个赛区内进行。

Before the opening of the Chinese Super League this season, the relevant person in charge of the preparatory group of the Chinese Football Association stated that”restoring the home and away system of the league” has always been an important goal or direction pursued by the league, but only if each division must do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and meet the epidemic prevention and other safety conditions for hosting home games. At present, the Chinese Super League does not have the conditions to restore the home and away match system. Therefore, the group centralism of the first stage will still be used in the second stage.

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According to the competition rules confirmed before the season, the second stage of the competition will carry out a large range of team division rotation. In the three groups of the CSL, the top two teams in each group are the seed teams. The seed teams rotate the competition area from stage 1 to stage 3, and then rotate in stage 4.

Meizhou客家作为Meizhou赛区的东道主队,落位在该赛区1号位;山东泰山作为卫冕冠军,落位海口赛区1号位。Changchun Yatai队作为2021赛季中超联赛第4名落位海口赛区2号位;上海海港队作为2021赛季中超联赛亚军,落位Dalian赛区1号位,Guangzhou team作为2021赛季中超第3名落位Dalian赛区2号位;Meizhou客家队外加2021赛季中超联赛前5名Beijing Guoan,共同成为Meizhou赛区种子队,上述6支球队在前3个阶段联赛中不参与赛区轮转。规程还显示,各赛区第2阶段参赛各队中,在第1阶段同赛区的球队之间不再进行比赛。受赛事转播等因素影响,目前主办方还没有最终敲定第2阶段各轮次比赛的具体对阵安排及时间表。

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Other competition arrangements of the second stage of the CSL are roughly the same as those of the first stage. It is worth noting that during the second stage, the event organizers will still appropriately exchange some referees between the competition areas in order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the law enforcement of the league. For example, the referee who enforces the first round confrontation between the two teams will not be allowed to host the second round confrontation between the two teams in principle. The selection of referees must strictly follow the principle of territorial avoidance. In addition, since the new season China League A will also be held at the same time, the new season China League B will also be kicked off on July 2, and league matches at all levels have a high demand for referees. At present, affected by the epidemic, some referees (J part-time) are still unable to ask for leave from their unit to go to the competition area to enforce the law for a long time. These factors objectively make it difficult for the selection of League referees.

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It is understood that international refereesFumingHe has recently returned to China, and he expects to return to the law enforcement stage as soon as possible before the end of the first phase of CSL.

The grouping results of CSL stage 2 are as follows:

Meizhou赛区:Meizhou客家、Beijing Guoan, Guangzhou City, Henan Songshan Longmen, Wuhan ChangjiangThree towns in Wuhan

Haikou competition area:Taishan, ShandongChangchun Yatai, Hebei team, Shanghai ShenhuaTianjin Jinmen tigerChengdu Rongcheng

Dalian赛区:上海海港、Guangzhou team、深圳队、Cangzhou雄狮、Dalian人、浙江队

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