To verify that the time did not exist, the scientists asked a woman to live in the underground cave for 130 days. What was the final result

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As the old saying goes, an inch of time is an inch of gold, which describes the importance of time. But have you ever wondered what time is? Is it real?

Now time is called physical quantity in physics. If it is a real thing, what is it? If time doesn’t exist, but is a kind of thing made up by people, why do humans use the concept of time?

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Physicists have debated this issue for many yearsSome people think that time is just a kind of thing imagined by human beings out of thin air. It is just a concept and does not really existSome people believe that time is real, but the current human technology can not prove its existence。 When the aircraft made by human beings exceed the speed of light, time will flow back and let you go back to the past.

A scientist did an interesting experiment to verify whether time really exists. He asked a woman to live in a cave without any time reference for 130 days. When the woman came out, she lost her sense of time. How did the whole experiment go on?

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A debate over the existence of time

In physics, it is generally believed that time is the product of the birth of the universe. Before the birth of the universe, time does not exist, which we call 0.

After the birth of the universe, time begins to count, and every minute and second can be counted asTime unit。 But many physicists thinkThe change of matter itself is internalatomExercise inducedWhether time is involved or not will not affect the change of the substance itself.

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For example, a piece of steel, from being made to slowly rusting and decaying, with or without time, has the same outcome. Does time still exist?

At the beginning of the birth of the universe, if there was no such thing as time, the universe could still evolve into what it is now. Wouldn’t time be a little superfluous?

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The use of time in life

There is a saying that existence is reasonable. Since human beings created the concept of time, it must play an irreplaceable role in life. Time is used everywhere in life. For example, the life span of human beings is about several decades. At this time, you can use time to describe the length of this person’s life span.

For another example, how long a person works in a day can be calculated in hours. Every extra hour of work can earn an extra hour of overtime pay. After the introduction of the concept of time, it will be more fair to those who work overtime.

If human beings do not create time, many things will not be correctly expressed, and human life will become a mess.

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Scientists’ experiments

There was a man namedMauricioAccording to scientists in the world, time is just a fictional thing created by human beings out of thin air, which does not exist in itself. With or without time, this person can live a normal life. Even without time, this person will live a more relaxed life.

To test his point, he wanted to design an isolated cave without any time reference.

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When the cave was built, he decided to live in it and feel what it would be like to live alone without time. However, his physical condition was not very good at that time. If he lived in such a place for a long time, the situation would further deteriorate. So he decided to find a volunteer and pay the corresponding remuneration. Soon after the recruitment information was released, a woman with good physical fitness came.

This woman is busy with heavy work on weekdays. She wants to experience what life would be like without time constraints? The experiment not only fulfilled his dream, but also gave her a lot of money. After the two discussed, they hit it off. After a period of preparation, the woman moved into a cave designed by scientists.

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Disordered concept of time

At first, she had a good time. In addition to eating and resting, she could read many books every day. Think about how good it is for a person to live a leisurely life and get rich remuneration.

But after a period of time, the lady did not adapt to the life in the cave. She did not know how long she had spent in the cave, a month or a few months?

She turned on the computer and wanted to see the time in the computer. Unexpectedly, scientists had already moved in the computer, and the computer could not display any time. She looked at the layout in the cave to determine the time, but there was no sunshine in the cave, only lights. She didn’t even know whether she was in day or night.

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Isolated cave

Gradually, her inner sense of time was completely disrupted, and she could finish a meal in more than ten minutes at the beginning. After losing the concept of time, a meal can even last more than an hour.

She began to feel bored, as if she had fallen into a black hole, and her mood became depressed. At this time, she had already forgotten the reward after suffering, and she could not wait to go out of the cave and return to normal life.

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Forced termination of experiments

The scientist was afraid of her mental abnormality and terminated the experiment ahead of time. When the woman came out of the cave, she said to the scientist, did she spend more than two months in the cave?

Scientists tell her thatShe has spent 130 days in the cave, which made her a little incredulous. After looking at the watches around, I gradually believed what the scientists said.

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When the scientist inquired about the lady’s feelings, she said that at first life was pretty good, and then there was inexplicable anxiety, an anxiety after losing time, as if a lost person could no longer find the right direction.

The results of the experiment were recorded by scientists and made public. Although the experiment failed to prove whether time really exists, it proved one thing from the side, that isHuman life is inseparable from timeOnce the idea of time is lost, everything will become a mess. So those who want to make life better should form the good habit of sparing time like gold.

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