Walking into the county to see development | Lujiang, Anhui: a thousand year old county shows its new face

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Xinhua news agency, Hefei, June 27, Title: Lujiang, Anhui Province: a thousand year old county shows its new face

Xinhua News Agency reporter Dai Qun, Ma Shurui

In 2021, the regional GDP will exceed 50billion yuan, and a new base for new energy battery materials and biomedical industry is taking shape; Adjacent to Chaohu Lake and integrated into the provincial capital, under the unique “back garden” advantage, wonderful agricultural tourism has paved a new “road to prosperity”; The restoration and protection of the wetland around Chaohu Lake has been further promoted, and a stream of clean water has flowed into Chaohu Lake… Lujiang County, Hefei City, Anhui Province has come from a deep history, focused on development in the new era, and a millennium old county is showing its new face.

Industry “going the right way” to strengthen the economy

Walking into the battery workshop of GuoXuan new energy (Lujiang) Co., Ltd. located in Lujiang high tech Zone, new energy vehicle enterprises are anxiously assembling “waiting” batteries off the assembly line. On the other side of the production line, the “constant temperature room” for improving production conditions will be constructed synchronously and will be completed by the end of July.

“Production has not been interrupted since the Spring Festival this year. Orders have been filled throughout the year. It is expected that we will achieve full production in the second half of the year.” Liurui, the company’s chief executive officer, said that at present, the company produces more than 300000 new energy battery cells every day, and its customers include vehicle enterprises such as JAC, Chery and BAIC. 30% of its products are sold overseas.

Power battery is the core part of new energy vehicles and the “key link” in the new energy vehicle industry chain. Since 2015, GuoXuan high tech, a power battery head enterprise, has successively invested and established three subsidiaries in Lujiang, including GuoXuan new energy (Lujiang) Co., Ltd., forming one third of the company’s battery capacity.

Walking into the county to see development | Lujiang, Anhui: a thousand year old county shows its new face

On June 21, the staff were busy in the battery workshop of GuoXuan new energy (Lujiang) Co., Ltd. located in Lujiang high tech Zone. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter liujunxi

In recent years, Lujiang has integrated resources, steadily expanded the new energy battery material industry, and gradually built the largest power battery and magnetic material production base in Anhui Province.

On June 21, the annual 10gwh super fast charging power battery project with a total investment of 7.8 billion yuan was officially signed in Lujiang high tech Zone. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 15billion yuan and an annual tax payment of about 350million yuan.

In 2021, the regional GDP of Lujiang County will exceed 50billion yuan and reach 54.72 billion yuan. With the new energy battery material industry as the engine, Lujiang also plans to achieve the goal of “double thousand and double hundred” by the end of the 14th five year plan, that is, the county’s GDP is 100billion yuan, the total industrial output value is 100billion yuan, the fiscal revenue is 10billion yuan, and cultivate an enterprise with an output value of 10billion yuan.

The provincial capital “back garden” makes farmers rich

“The village is getting cleaner and cleaner. The river is getting clearer and clearer. There are so many tourists coming. They have to grab parking spaces on weekends.” Talking about the changes in the village in recent years, Gao Cuilan, a 72 year old villager from Mahe village, Tongda Town, Lujiang County, is a treasure.

Around the second floor of Gao Cuilan’s house, antique pavilions stand on the plank road along the river, small trains carry tourists through the vast fields, and creative wall paintings decorate the cottages beside the road… This once unknown village has become a famous “online red card punching point” for rural tourism in Hefei.

Walking into the county to see development | Lujiang, Anhui: a thousand year old county shows its new face(1)

This is the water landscape of the “Xiaoman rice dream space” project in Mahe village, Tongda Town, Lujiang County. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Shurui

“In 2019, we began to build beautiful villages. In planning and design, we focused on preserving the unique style and culture of Chaohu polder area and laying a solid foundation for infrastructure. With these accumulation, we successfully introduced the ‘Xiaoman · rice dream space’ agricultural tourism project, focusing on the ‘shuiyunwei Township’ special tourism.” Zhaokeyong, deputy director of Mahe village committee, said.

The Lujiang River, which faces Chaohu Lake in the north and the Yangtze River in the south, has rich tourism resources and unique rural features. At present, the county has built 12 high-quality tourist routes and 26 high-quality B & Bs, and created 30 “online Red punch points” for rural tourism, including “Xiaoman · rice dream space”.

The wonderful agricultural tourism has attracted tourists, and also enabled Gao Cuilan and her wife to have a new job at the door of their home.

Walking into the county to see development | Lujiang, Anhui: a thousand year old county shows its new face(2)

This is the picture of Mahe village, Tongda Town, Lujiang County (UAV photo on June 21). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter liujunxi

“In the evening, there were many tourists, so I went to the Shuian restaurant to help cut and garnish dishes. My wife directed the traffic at the entrance of the village. Their salaries add up to more than 4000 yuan a month!” Gaocuilan points to the waterfront restaurant just across the river from her home and laughs.

According to statistics, the annual tourist reception of Lujiang County has increased from 4.5 million person times in 2016 to 8.184 million person times in 2021; The total tourism revenue increased from 3.7 billion yuan in 2016 to 6.68 billion yuan in 2021.

Treatment around Chaohu Lake makes the wetland beautiful

In summer, qifengzhou wetland is covered with green trees, lotus leaves and reeds swaying in the wind.

“This wetland is divided into four areas, and we have to carry out patrol inspection every day. For example, in the summer, when the evaporation is large, it is necessary to carry out artificial water replenishment and water level management in time.” Zhanghelei, head of wetland Project Department of tengwangge Construction Engineering Group Hefei Branch, who is responsible for the conservation of qifengzhou wetland, said. Tanned, he walked 20000 steps a day.

Among the top ten wetlands around Chaohu Lake, qifengzhou wetland and Mawei River wetland are located in Lujiang River. At present, the restoration of animals and plants, water system construction, wetland ecological construction and supporting facilities construction have been completed and transferred to daily maintenance.

Wetland is an important ecological barrier of Chaohu Lake. Since 2012, Lujiang County has implemented 10 projects including wetland vegetation protection, restoration and reconstruction, completed 12792 mu of wetland restoration area, and invested 290million yuan in total.

Walking into the county to see development | Lujiang, Anhui: a thousand year old county shows its new face(3)

This is qifengzhou wetland in Lujiang County (UAV photo on June 21). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter liujunxi

Shaojian, director of the wetland Institute of Lujiang County Forestry and garden construction service center, told the reporter that Lujiang has been “extremely meticulous” in the treatment of wetland restoration, respected the original rural context, did not carry out large-scale excavation, properly adjusted the water system, and made full use of the existing reed marshes, lotus ponds and ponds to deploy wet ground animals and plants.

“We hope to form a near natural and original wetland with stable ecology, beautiful landscape and diverse species, so that the wetland can enter a virtuous cycle of self-healing as soon as possible.” He said.

According to statistics, since 2012, a total of 46 projects have been approved for the comprehensive treatment of Chaohu Lake in Lujiang County, with an investment of nearly 10billion yuan. By the end of last year, the construction of sewage interception projects in market towns of the county had been completed, and 21 sewage treatment plants had been reconstructed and expanded; The water quality of 7 national survey sections and county-level drinking water sources has reached 100%, and the ecological clean small watershed projects such as Zhaohe River, baishitian River, machao River, Xiaonan River and Jinniu River have been basically completed.

“The Oriental White Stork and white spoonbill reappear here. The water fern, a national second-class protected plant, gradually grows and flourishes. The biodiversity is restored day by day, and the wetland ecology is becoming more beautiful day by day.” Shaojian said.