Was amazed by the first lady of North Korea! Round figure, elegant and dignified in suit, natural without affectation

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When a woman is 30 or 40 years old, she is still a little”fat” and looks better. Compared with the”skinny” figure, the slightly fat figure has more advantages in middle age. Whether it is the whole person’s facial state or dressing, she will be better than her peers. Now the 32 year old first lady of North Korea, Li Xuezhu, is noble and dignified because of her rounded figure; Even without the small waist, long legs and perfect curve, the suit can still wear an elegant and fashionable effect.

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Lixuezhu often accompanies Kim Jong Un to attend various important occasions. Therefore, in terms of dressing, she also attaches great importance to the effect of formal and appropriate. Among them, the dress suit is an essential part of her wardrobe. For women with a slight fat figure, clothing items should avoid tight and loose designs, and choose some neat and stylish styles, which can best improve the lack of figure.It is very important to choose suitable clothes around your own advantages and disadvantages and different occasions.

1、 Interpretation of the dress style of the first lady of Korea

Color matching:white and refreshing

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In important occasions, white can play a certain eye-catching effect, thus becoming the focus of the audience. Because of the high brightness, it can also well set off the skin state of women. Use white on the overall clothing items,It can also set off women’s unique and elegant temperament. It can not only reduce the age significantly, but also highlight your unique taste.

Wearing skills:overlap to increase the level

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If you feel that the white color is too monotonous, you can choose the matching skills of overlapping like Li Xuezhu. The overlapping treatment in formal occasions is actually a test for womenAesthetic abilityIn addition to considering the primary and secondary relationship, we should also achieve the effect of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses; same day,Li Xuezhu wore a white fishtail skirt with a straight jacket of the same color. The combination of width and tightness can beautify the body lines.

Hairstyle choice:fluffy high skull top half tied hair

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In the choice of hairstyle, Li Xuezhu also attaches great importance to the overall coordination. In order to conform to the elegant temperament of the white suit skirt, it is convenient to use the fluffy high skull top half horsetail to enhance the gentle effect of the shape; At the same time, the whole bangs are combed to the back, without losing the cool and capable side,The natural black medium long hair, without deliberate curls and exquisite hairstyles, shows the temperament incisively and vividly.

Shoes matching:white pointed high heels

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A complete set of clothing modeling must be inseparable from the matching of shoes. In this regard, it is also very easy for many women to ignore. The choice of shoes should not only reflect its fashionable effect, but also emphasize the degree of comfort; Just like this white pointed high-heeled shoe selected by Li Xuezhu, it is very thin with a shallow mouth design to expose the instep and ankle lines, and it is full of momentum with the high-heeled shoes.If the color of shoes and clothes echo, the overall balance will be more obvious.

2、 North Korea’s first lady wears more dresses

Look1:red polka dot coat + black dress

ten thousand and ninety-one

The collocation of black and red is the most classic and advanced representative of color. The mysterious and calm black, coupled with the gorgeous and noble red, can properly reflect the female aura. The red polka dot Lapel coat, with appropriate self-cultivation effect, emphasizes the sense of outline, and at the same time, achieves the function of showing thin;The black round neck dress weakens the tedious printing and makes the shape more perfect and advanced.

Look2:blue green suit short sleeve + same color dress

ten thousand and ninety-two

The whole body is matched with the same color, which is very enjoyable visually. For example, Li Xuezhu’s blue-green suit skirt, although the overall color is the same, the shape has been raised to a higher level because of the different styles of the items and the complementary colors of the shoes.The short sleeves of the blue-green suit are very in line with the summer atmosphere. With the slim dress of the same color, the plump and round figure is properly outlined.

Look3:rose gold round neck coat + straight skirt in the same color

ten thousand and ninety-three

Lixuezhu is very suitable to wear some waist line colors. Because her skin is white and her appearance is sweet, such a rose gold dress makes her look very noble and moving in an instant. The rose gold 5-point sleeve jacket with round neck design echoes the exposed arm lines with the skirt,A straight skirt that just covers the knees, paired with black low heels, has a girlish flavor in maturity.

Fashion summary:

1. as a woman who often attends important occasions, she should pay more attention to the choice of color and version in her dressing, and make use of the skin color to show her temperament.

2. formal modeling naturally has limitations, but we should also learn to make breakthroughs in details and skills to avoid being too monotonous.

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