Why did Yang Liwei bring a gun into space? Not against aliens, but the lessons of the Soviet Union should not be forgotten

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After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, China has been vigorously developing the space industry, and has made many outstanding achievements. The most exciting thing is that in October 2003, China’s astronautsYang LiweiTaking the Shenzhou V spacecraft into space, China became the first Chinese to go into space, and China became the third country with astronauts to go into space.

ten thousand and eighty-six

Space is a world full of mysteries for human beings. Many people are curious about this place. With our current technology, human beings have not explored one tenth of the space. However,Manned spacecraftThe emergence of the new era means that human exploration of the space universe has entered a new stage.

On 15 October 2003, it was a worthwhileChina AerospacePeople remember the day, in this day, ourmanned spacecraft Shenzhou V flew into space. This is the first time that China willManned spacecraft送到茫茫太空之中,继苏联和美国之后,世界上又多了一个能够发射manned spacecraft 的国家,这怎能让人不激动!

这是非常了不起的好成绩,是我国载人航天技术的崭新突破,而作为航天员的Yang Liwei,也由此成为了中国太空第一人,从太空回到地球以后,国家授予他“航天英雄”的称号,他也受到了万千国人的崇敬,可是其中有个小细节,不是很多人知道。

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那就是Yang Liwei在进入太空的时候,随身带了一把手枪,这是为什么呢?难道是为了防范外星人?当然不是的,而是苏联人在这方面曾有过非常深刻的教训。

During the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union competed in all aspects, including the aerospace field. In the mid-1960s, the Soviet Union launchedAscent 2 spacecraftAnd sent two astronauts into space, and these two astronauts realized the first time that human beingsspace walk。 When they were in space, they had a little accident. One of the astronauts left the spaceship. After walking in space for a while, his spacesuit swelled for unknown reasons. As a result, he could not enter the spaceship smoothly through the hatch.

After the two of them managed to solve the problem of space suits and let the astronauts return to the spacecraft smoothly, they found that they had missed the best time and angle to return. The two men had no choice but to float around in space for another time. As a result, the engine broke down, so they had to manually control the spacecraft and return to earth.

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Although they returned to the earth with no danger, the landing site of the spacecraft was 3000 kilometers away from the scheduled landing site and landed atSiberiaIn the primeval forest. The natural environment here is relatively harsh. It can be said that people are rarely visited. There are always various wild animals. Moreover, the vast forest area here is covered with ice and snow. It is very difficult for astronauts to find a way out or for the army to search and rescue them.

After the accident, the Soviet authorities stipulated that all astronauts entering space should wear pistols, which was designed to prevent this from happening again. If astronauts encounter large fierce beasts after landing, they can also defend themselves with pistols.The Soviet Union also developed a special pistol for astronauts, which can not only defend themselves, but also send signals. It also has the function of survival in the wild. The precedent of the Soviet Union also sounded an alarm for all countries. This experience was later extended to the world. Since then, all astronauts entering space need to carry pistols. Although it is only a small object, it may save the lives of astronauts at a critical time.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

Although the two men were rescued without being attacked by wild animals, this incident also reminded other countries that they should equip the astronauts with a pistol. This pistol is not intended to prevent aliens, nor is it intended to prevent any unknown things in space. Instead, it is worried that astronauts will not land at the scheduled location accurately, and that wild animals on the ground may harm them. So there was this pistol for self-defense.

The accident also sounded an alarm for the Soviet Union. In the future space activities, astronauts had to wear a pistol to protect themselves. The lessons of the Soviet Union are also remembered by our country, so we also retained this necessary tradition when sending astronauts into space. With the progress of science and technology, it has been invented that is more suitable for astronauts to carrySpace gunTheir functions are more developed. In addition to killing wild animals, they can also light fires and launch signal bombs on the spot.

In fact, this gun is better than nothing for astronauts, and there is almost no chance to use it. Since astronauts had the habit of matching guns, there has never been any case of astronauts in various countries using pistols for self-defense. This gun has no chance to be used in actual combat, just in case, and its actual effect is not very great.

ten thousand and ninety

但又不能不要,虽然宇航员几乎用不到这把枪,因为宇航员降落地面发生意外的可能性微乎其微,但是为了求个心安,还是给他们配枪了。从Yang Liwei之后,我国陆续进入太空的几个航天员,都配备了一把军用手枪,但完全没有使用到,因为根本没有机会使用。

Astronauts usually do not make a second landing after going into space. Because space has long belonged toweightlessnessAnd contains a lot of cosmic raysEnergetic particleRadiation. This kind of environment is harmful to human body, and it will also cause a great burden on their psychology. Therefore, the work of astronauts is very hard. We should pay tribute to all domestic aerospace workers and thank them for their great contributions to the motherland.

ten thousand and ninety-one

China’s aerospace industry has now surpassed the Soviet Union and Russia, which inherited the Soviet Union, and on the whole has the same level of competitiveness as the United States. In recent years, China has completed several manned industrial missions, and China plans to complete them in 2021Space stationChina’s aerospace industry has made more and more achievements.

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