1-0, Mourinho hit back! Tottenham’s five trumps lost out collectively, and Conte lost really badly

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In an ordinary warm-up match, ibanese scored with a header,SpursLost 1-0 to Roma and missed the chance to start the new season with victory. New aidDibalaSend corner assists, seamlessly connected with the team.

ten thousand and eighty-six

With this victory,jose mourinho 完成了对老东家的反戈一击。狂人选择庆祝,抑或选择沉默,都有他的道理。去年列维在联赛杯决赛前一周,解雇了jose mourinho ,这种荒唐的行为,换谁都难以接受。

话说回来,上赛季Spurs上演极限超车的好戏,从第九名一路攀升,最终获得了联赛第四名,拿到了Champions LeagueQualification. Fire fighting in dangerContiNaturally, Levi became the number one hero. This summer, Levi opened a small Treasury and boughtRichardlison, bisuma and other powerful generals are exempted from signingPericic,租借了朗格莱,提升了Spurs的实力。

ten thousand and eighty-seven

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Spurs的总身价达到了7.57亿欧元,罗马为4.12亿欧,两队有明显的实力差距。但是到了比赛里,情况反了过来,Spurs坐拥61%的控球率,10次射门仅有1次射正,无论是首发的Pericic、KulusevskyKaneSun Xingyi,还是替补的Richardlison,5大王牌射手都没能敲开帕特里西奥把守的大门。

可以说,jose mourinho 的战术完全限制了Spurs球员的发挥,有劲没处使。在与jose mourinho 的斗法中,Conti完全落于下风,输得真不冤。

ten thousand and eighty-nine

ten thousand and ninety

Last season, Roma finally got the 6th place in the league and successfully won the cup in the final of the European games cupEuropa LeagueQualification.Europa League杯的赛场,固然比Champions League差了一个档次,但对经历过大风大浪的jose mourinho 而言,何尝不是一种历练。本赛季有了Dibala、切利克、MathicWith the joining of others, the madman will launch an impact on higher honor.