39 seconds 74! The Chinese men’s 4×100 meters won the championship! Congratulations to Tang Xingqiang and his teammates

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July 31, Beijing time

On the IAAF intercontinental Tour-

At the 33rd International sports solidarity games,

By the new generation of Chinese Sprinters——

Tang XingqiangChen GuanfengYan HaibinDeng Zhijian

The Chinese men’s relay team,

In 39.74 seconds

Won the champion of men’s 4×100 meter relay!

ten thousand and eighty-six

The IAAF intercontinental tour was held in Italy. A total of three teams participated in this finals,Chinese team的四4人的表现非常强势,几乎全程碾压对手,从第一棒的Tang Xingqiang就已经超过对手,之后的几棒选手,Chinese team更是直接遥遥领先,直接拿下冠军。

ten thousand and eighty-seven

Tang Xingqiang、Chen Guanfeng、Yan Haibin、Deng Zhijian也被认为是中国接力队的未来,其中Tang Xingqiang来自福建, he is experienced and has previously worked withSu BingtianXie ZhenyeWu ZhiqiangTogetherChinese track and field teamWon the bronze medal in the men’s 4×100 meter relay at the Tokyo Olympic Games!

ten thousand and eighty-eight

在这支队伍中,除了Tang Xingqiang是95年出生,其余三人都是00后选手。最小的Yan Haibin只有19岁。

The future can be expected!

Congratulations to them!

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