44 year old Yuan Quan won the Hundred Flowers Award as the film queen! The whole body of jewelry is very amazing, and Zhang Yina is the movie king’s favorite

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On July 30, it attracted attentionHundred Flowers AwardThe winner of the best actor and actress [film emperor, film queen] was finally exposed.Yuan QuanAs soon as the news of Zhang Yi’s award was made public, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

ten thousand and eighty-six

Yuan Quan当天打扮端庄大气,尤其是全身的钻石珠宝格外瞩目,与张译一起举着奖杯合照时,一袭黑色亮片长裙的她可以说是明艳夺目,惊艳全场。

ten thousand and eighty-seven

在公开透明的票数排行榜上,此次Yuan Quan也是以“碾压式”的票数,击败了其他几位有实力的竞争对手。能够在自己的家乡拿下影后的宝座,Yuan Quan既幸运且光荣。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

提起Yuan Quan相信大家都不会陌生,她是《Handsome Sibling》The beautiful Su Ying《The first half of my life》Strong women inTang Jing,多部经典的影视作品让Yuan Quan气质女神的形象深入人心,不过美貌对于对她而言只是加分项,演技才是Yuan Quan真正的内涵。

ten thousand and eighty-nine

Last year’s《Chinese Captain》这一电影中,Yuan Quan仿佛就是乘务长本人,面容含笑,目光坚定,在危急关头,沉着冷静,浑身散发着优雅知性的魅力。凭借这一角色,Yuan Quan在第35届Hundred Flowers Award中拿到了最佳女配角的奖项。

ten thousand and ninety

此次Yuan Quan凭借《Chinese doctors》获得最佳女主角是实至名归,此前有媒体晒出《Chinese doctors》的片场花絮采访视频,演员们都是素颜出镜,Yuan Quan的脸上基本上全部都是被口罩勒出的明显的伤痕,红肿一大片,看着十分心疼。敬业又低调,这样的Yuan Quan值得大家喜爱。

ten thousand and ninety-one

Compared with the high degree of discussion caused by the female host, the winner of the best male host this time was not much unexpected. Zhang Yi was good at writing repeatedly last year, with a《Above the cliff》He has taken oneGolden Rooster Award,此次再度凭借此作品夺得Hundred Flowers Award影帝,属实算得上众望所归。

ten thousand and ninety-two

However, in the list of votes, compared with Zhang Yi, who won the best male host with a high number of 38 votes, there were 0 votes to accompany himShen TengTeacher, it makes people feel a little distressed and funny.

ten thousand and ninety-three

It can be said that Zhang Yi’s acting skills are obvious to all. He has gone step by step from Bruce Lee to today’s leading actor. Whether on the small screen or the big screen, Zhang Yi will treat every role wholeheartedly. As a popular actor in film and television dramas, Zhang Yi’s evaluation of himself is that his acting skills still need to be improved, and he still needs to learn their professionalism from the older generation of actors.

ten thousand and ninety-four

In fact, Zhang Yi can be said to be a very dedicated actor who is shooting《One second》In order to fit the character image of Zhang Jiusheng in the film, he only ate a cucumber every day and lost 15 kilograms in 10 days. Zhang Yi, who was originally a little thin, was so thin that he could be blown away by the wind.

ten thousand and ninety-five

在拍摄让张译夺得影帝的《Above the cliff》时,为求真实,在拍摄受到审讯的戏时,直接来真的。开拍前,张译就已经进入被电击状态,嘴唇颤抖、神态面貌、现场口吐白沫,这些都是真实情况。可以说,张译是在用生命在拍戏。

ten thousand and ninety-six

本次Hundred Flowers Award颁奖典礼至此落下帷幕,每一位为作品用心付出的影视工作者,都值得观众鼓掌和称赞。感谢百花给予优秀影视工作者的肯定和荣誉,也期待下一年,他们能给我们观众带来更好更优质的作品。