A 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and pregnant by a 69 year old man! The man was sentenced to 9 years and 7 months

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Source:Urban live comprehensive nine school news

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Recently, a member of Guangxi BeiliuA 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and pregnant four times by a 69 year old man in the same village。 The girl’s family members said that the old man tricked the girl into sexual assault in her second floor room on the way to school by giving her sugar, popsicles and other reasons.

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There are six brothers and sisters in the girl’s family. Both her parents have passed away, and the girl suffers frommild mental retardation。 Eldest brother and eldest sister worked outside and entrusted her to uncle’s care.”Eat at uncle’s house and go back to your home to rest in the evening.”

See you with your familyThe girl had a round stomach. She was taken to the hospital for examination and found that she was 5 months pregnant。 On July 12, Beiliu court of first instance ruled that the old man was convicted of rape and sentencedfixed-term imprisonmentNine years and seven months. The girl’s family members are dissatisfied with some of the verdict and will appeal.