A sigh:trapped by love, the excellent policeman killed two children! Qingben beauty, how can I do evil?

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“I feel sorry for my pride, but I don’t live as well as a pig and dog. But I have been kind all my life, and I haven’t escaped the hardships of life after all. At this age of nothing, I can’t even give myself happiness.”

ten thousand and eighty-six

The above paragraph is said to be the text of the last video released by Li Qiang on his social account. It’s just a few dozen words, like lamenting that life is not easy, or feeling sorry for himself, self pity. It doesn’t see that this man who claims to be kind all his life has other signs of hysteria.

Then, on the fifth day after this short video was sent, he was suspected of committing a shocking shooting murder, and then fled in a hurry into the mountains and forests to escape arrest.

What happened to a 36 year old man who claimed to be kind and proud all his life, and an excellent policeman who had been brave enough to save people in the river twice, not only pulled out his gun and shot people, but also killed two young children and a prospective old man?

Perhaps, this incident really originated from an accidental incident on the Internet, but many accidental events actually planted inevitable seeds from the beginning.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

I read a lot of news about Li Qiang, the suspect of Muchuan shooting, including the investigation reports of the formal media and rumors on the local social networking platform.

What is more intuitive and vivid is the video released by Li Qiang on a social account called”so and so Buyer show” on a platform, including the last video called”last words” by netizens before the crime. Based on this information, a”spliced” image of Li Qiang appeared in front of people.

It is said that Li Qiang joined the police in 2012. He used to be a soldier and a teacher before. He was admitted to the police after examination. So far, he has been a policeman for 10 years. Before the crime, he was divorced and single and had a son.

Looking at photos and videos, people are white and clean. Their thin and angular faces give people a sense of firmness and firmness. A pair of clear and bright eyes are bright and bright. Although they seem to be single eyelids, they are full of heroism, righteousness and agility.

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Sure enough, his career as a policeman was quite brilliant. Only an article on the website of the local public security organ published his glorious deeds of bravely going down the river to save the drowning people twice in 50 days last year.

Li Qiang described in the article only knows a little bit of water. He should be able to swim in shallow water and protect himself. At a critical moment, he risked his life to save people by going down the river. Without a kind and brave heart, it is impossible for him to make such a move.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

From these deeds, it can be seen that he should be a conscientious and conscientious policeman at work, worthy of his police oath and uniform, and dare to”go out” for the people at critical moments, which requires a kind of feelings and courage, the so-called heart and sword about it.

The road of fate quietly changed to the abyss. It should start from meeting his girlfriend Yang. He should love Yang very much, even to the extent of doting.

As for the following story content of them, it can only be said that it is an online rumor that has yet to be confirmed. It is subject to authoritative sources, so the details will not be expanded. For details, please see the screenshot of a post sent by an informed netizen below.

In fact, Li Qiang made a mistake in the first step. As a public official and a police officer, how can he play friends and talk about feelings with a married woman? Although this is only a moral issue, it is also a personal principle, and it is also an injury to Yang’s current husband.

Even if you like Yang very much, you should wait until after her divorce! If she loves you, she will divorce for you.

In fact, you can also think again, a beautiful woman who is unfaithful to her current husband, even if she marries you in the future, will Li Qiang be single-minded to you?

ten thousand and ninety

But Li Qiang obviously didn’t think of this. If he could think of it, the subsequent tragedy might not happen.

Maybe he was dazzled by love, maybe he was fascinated by Yang’s beauty. In short, Li Qiang should have paid a lot in this beautiful, worthwhile and serious love, including true love and money.

Yang did not take this relationship seriously as Li Qiang had wishful thinking. The news on the Internet was that Yang told Li Qiang that she would divorce her husband when he came back from abroad, and then live with Li Qiang.

Li Qiang believed it and waited for it to appear, but it was said on the Internet that Yang’s life was amorous and addicted to gambling. He gambled a lot, winning or losing thousands of times. Li Qiang borrowed hundreds of thousands of yuan in order to pay for his spending and gambling.

The language of media reports is that according to insiders, the two people are suspected of having emotional disputes and debt disputes, and the specific reasons are more likely.

It is unknown how long Yang had an affair with others, but according to the Internet rumors about Li Qiang’s shooting, it should not be once or twice, but this time Li Qiang found it on the spot.

ten thousand and ninety-one

He didn’t seem to know much about the previous situation and didn’t have any psychological preparation, so he was so angry when he ran into the scene that he pulled out his gun and shot. Especially later, he killed Yang’s completely innocent two children and his father-in-law, making an irreparable mistake and committing an unforgivable crime.

Looking back at the cause and effect of the whole incident, although the details of the rumor have not been confirmed and are unknown, on the whole, it is another bloody case caused by various emotional entanglements intertwined with money and debt disputes, or simply”extramarital affairs and promiscuity”.

First of all, Li Qiang took the wrong first step when talking about feelings with a married woman. Then, when Yang betrayed his husband, it was said on the Internet that he had an affair with other men except Li Qiang, and his behavior was excessive, which stimulated Li Qiang.

Seeing this, Li Qiang, thinking about all his efforts all the time, was disappointed in money and sincerity. Finally, he was completely enraged. He not only pulled a gun at the scene and shot the two people, but also lost basic rationality and became crazy. He went to Yang’s mother’s house to kill his young son, daughter and two children and the child’s grandfather who happened to visit, set fire to four houses of Yang’s mother’s house, and then drove away to the deep mountains and forests.

ten thousand and ninety-two

Afterwards, the life video released by Li Qiang in the account of a social platform before was picked up by netizens and forwarded, screenshots. Li Qiang in the video is doing a”Buyer show” program, with an introduction of the feeling of product tasting, etc. I don’t know whether this is his life hobby or part-time job, but now in the era of we media, it is also a normal business behavior to bring goods through traffic, and I can’t see any abnormal emotion in the video at all.

It was only in a few videos released recently before the crime that he showed his inner struggle and confusion, contradictions and conflicts, feelings and unwillingness, and did not know whether these emotions were related to the emotional dispute between his girlfriend Yang.

Finally, shortly after the release of the video of feeling that he was”kind but not happy in his life”, the shooting and murder occurred, which seems to be related.

ten thousand and ninety-three

After the incident, there were many netizens who felt sorry for Li Qiang in the comment area under these forwarded Li Qiang videos and screenshots. They believed that he was really not worth it for Yang. Some netizens thought that Yang’s abuse of love had led to all this. Some netizens even radical hoped that he could escape, but rational netizens still accounted for the majority. They believed that Li Qiang was too impulsive, too irrational, shouldn’t have done anything, shouldn’t treat children The old man hurt the killer

ten thousand and ninety-four

According to 10 years of police camp experience, Li Qiang is also an old policeman. He has rich working experience. At least, what illegal and criminal cases have not been seen? What kind of good and evil, beauty and ugliness have you never seen? Is there anything else in the world that you can’t understand?

With a very stable and glorious career, although divorced and willing to work hard, I should not worry about finding a partner who is congenial and congenial, but I”hanged” myself on the tree of Yang, and finally I came to the end of my life, which is disgraced and doomed. How can I not let people hide and sigh?

ten thousand and ninety-five

In the morning, the policeman on duty was still protecting the safety of the people on one side. In the evening, he became a serious fugitive with a reward of 100000 yuan and thousands of people searching for, rounding up and strictly arresting. If life is really impermanent, the large intestine covers the small intestine!

Four days later, Li Qiang’s body, which fell from a height in the mountains, was found and identified by the search team.

All this finally settled.

After a sigh, I just want to ask Li Qiang:

Qingben beauty, how can I be a thief?

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ten thousand and ninety-six