After retirement, no matter how good the relationship is, don’t invite the following people to dinner, remember

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ten thousand and eighty-six

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After working hard for half a life, you can have your own time when you retire. You can enjoy it without worrying about tomorrow’s work or the income at the end of the month.

Suddenly fall into leisure, many old people will be at a loss, do not know how to arrange their later life, in order to live a more wonderful and comfortable life.

Some old people who have no idea can only help take care of their grandchildren under the arrangement of their children. Although the life of enjoying their grandchildren will be more tiring and troublesome, it is also a kind of perfect happiness.

There are also some old people who pursue spiritual happiness. They usually don’t hesitate to pay money, just to have a happy retirement life.

They often invite friends and friends to dinner, either at home or in restaurants.

Such a life is indeed rich and wonderful, but I have a piece of advice for you:after retirement, no matter how generous you are, don’t invite the following people to dinner at will.

ten thousand and eighty-seven

1: Don’t invite friends to dinner

What are evil friends? Evil friends are friends who don’t appear on weekdays and only appear when they are good.

They will never treat you as a confidant, and they will only deal with you because you are profitable. Of course, you are happy to invite them to dinner. Want them to invite you to dinner? That must be even more difficult!

Don’t think that all your efforts can be cherished. This is the case in this world. Those who really make friends with you will also treat you as a fool.

There is no income after retirement, so we should be more cautious about the control of money. After all, it is earned after working hard for most of our lives. Therefore, the money after retirement should be spent on the blade.

The budget of inviting friends to dinner is not necessary. Since the other party can’t bring you any positive value, why spend money to buy disappointment. He doesn’t treat you sincerely, and you don’t have to treat him sincerely.

ten thousand and eighty-eight

2: Don’t invite the opposite sex out to dinner

Out of pity, Uncle Wang often invited a widow in their street to dinner. At that time, he turned a deaf ear to the advice of outsiders, and only felt that he was helping each other improve their lives and doing good things.

But once and twice, the two actually fell in love… Uncle Wang was not only despised and condemned by his family and friends, but also asked by his wife to clean himself out of the house, and his lifelong reputation and accumulated wealth were destroyed.

Since there is a lot of leisure after retirement, we should give more companionship to our partners at this time, and make up for the obligation that we didn’t do well in order to earn money when we were young.

Keep your home and love. If you can have a partner with whom you share the same heart and soul in your later life, your life will be more beautiful.

But if you spend money where it shouldn’t be, it will inevitably involve a lot of trouble.

For the sake of reputation for the rest of life, for the sake of family happiness. No matter how rich and generous you are, don’t easily invite the opposite sex out to dinner, or you’ll lose your stable life in your old age.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

3: Don’t invite people who always use you to dinner

Even if you have more spare money after retirement, don’t treat yourself to dinner, especially those who always use you. If others spend money on meals and spend the right place, they will naturally reap a lot. But if you spend money on people who always use you, greed will prompt them to do things that hurt you.

Li Bo, 65, has a little spare money after retirement. He usually likes to go shopping with some friends. When he is tired, he finds a restaurant to have a big meal.

Every time his friend came to pay the bill, he lied that he had no money, and Li Bo didn’t care much about it, because he knew each other’s behavior early. Li Bo interacted with him, but it was also because of boredom.

But since he was inadvertently informed of his assets by the other party in a chat, Li Bo has been pestered with borrowing money. After Liboer Genzi soft borrowed a large amount of money to his friend, the other party soon disappeared, and the money disappeared, unable to beg.

Li Bo regretted this very much. The amount of money he lent was not large, so it was unacceptable. But it’s useless to regret later. If you want to blame Li Bo, you can only blame him for his lack of vigilance. Knowing that the other party’s personality is bad, he often invites the other party to dinner, which will lead to the current result.

Friends should be sincere. If a person always takes advantage of you, you should stay away when you find out. Your money should be taken to invite people who can bring value to you, rather than those who treat you as a gold mine and dig hard.

ten thousand and ninety

After retirement, you should take care of your health and money. Don’t spend your money and bring yourself a lot of trouble, then the gain is not worth the loss.