Baihua red carpet, Zhang Xiaofei wears it for the first time in the world, Yuan Quan is elegant and outstanding, and Tan Zhuo dares to wear it without sewing the neckline

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After a long time, we finally look forward to the red carpet. Although neiyu has no particularly good works at present, the red carpet of stars is as wonderful as ever. Let’s take a look at this issueHundred Flowers AwardLook at the shape of the closing red carpet to see which star wears the best.

Zhang XiaofeiWear Gao Ding to compete for the movie queen,Guan XiaotongBeautiful legs but no new style

Hello,Lihuanying》爆红之后,Zhang Xiaofei人气高涨,时尚资源自然也是飞速提升。这次亮相Hundred Flowers Award闭幕红毯,Zhang Xiaofei穿了一套来自Giambattista Valli 2022 年秋冬高级定制礼服,她是这个高定系列的全球首穿,并搭配了Baoshilong Boucheron jewelry, proper treatment of popular movie stars.

ten thousand and eighty-six

上半身是白衬衫下半身是浪漫的大礼服裙摆,像Zhang Xiaofei这样气质成熟的姐姐和白衬衫很搭,下半身隆重的裙身增添浪漫感和隆重感,整套造型除了防水台一字带凉鞋扣分,都很好。

ten thousand and eighty-seven

但脱离了精修氛围和后期滤镜,这套造型在红毯上的效果倒是没那么惊艳,同样是白衬衫+礼服的组合,其实Zhang Xiaofei会更适合修身款。但这毕竟是全球首穿系列的高定,不够适合也足够有排面。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

Walk on the red carpet with herJia LingWearing a national style suit, although it’s not a big brand, it doesn’t lose Gao Ding. The lovely short dress and embroidery let people see her at a glance.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

穿了同品牌高定的还有Guan Xiaotong,她穿的这款粉色蝴蝶结装饰的高定礼服是Wear Giambattista Valli 2022 spring and summer high set series, light and Romantic Pink Tulle, coupled with bowknot decorative style girl, the short front and long tail style has a certain momentum on the red carpet, and can also show her beautiful legs.

ten thousand and ninety

这套造型对于Guan Xiaotong来说轻松稳定,生图也自带PS效果的身材比例。

ten thousand and ninety-one

But the whole is really plain. It can be said that there is nothing new. The plain fairy skirt has not changed much in collocation. There have been countless waves of girls’ hair editing and slotted high-heeled shoes. It is plain and pale, and it belongs to the style of forgetting after looking at it. Her hardware and temperament can completely try some more powerful and atmospheric shapes.

ten thousand and ninety-two

Tongliya is magnificent to be the host again,Tan ZhuoWear it boldly without sewing the collar,Yuan QuanElegant and outstanding

After reading two setsGiambattista Valli has a high set of shapes. Let’s take a look at the shapes of other female stars. Tong Liya will be the host of the party again, and Yaya, who has experienced many battles, also knows very well what dress the host should wear and what hairstyle to do, showing her atmosphere.

So instead of being obsessed with fairy dresses, she chose a custom cut-out slim fitting dress from Yanina to matchBvlgariJewelry appears.

ten thousand and ninety-three

On the red carpet, I took off the shawl on my shoulders. The slim dress, neat but without lack of details, was neat and decent, and the makeup and hair were clean and atmospheric, which was very host like.

ten thousand and ninety-four

The second set is a dark red dress with a happy but not too warm look, which is not as bright as the white one.

ten thousand and ninety-five

Tan Zhuo的裙子占地面积很大,是标准的走红毯礼服,虽然是小花们偏爱的纱质大裙子,但黑色增添沉稳感和神秘感,加上领口的设计,倒也很适合气质成熟的姐姐Tan Zhuo,更重要的是姐姐也有穿衣的魄力,大大方方不缝领口。(虽然平台要求,8婆只能为她打上贴纸,但依旧要赞她的勇气)。

ten thousand and ninety-six

和Tan Zhuo一起走红毯的DujiangSeems a little fat? The picture in the same frame is slightly happy.

ten thousand and ninety-seven

这次红毯的最佳我要把票投给Yuan Quan。Yuan Quan的红毯从来都是低调有质感的,这次也不例外,穿了一套来自celineCustomized black dress, a classic choice.

ten thousand and ninety-eight

裙子的肩部设计与亮闪设计为礼服增添亮点,加上Yuan Quan从容的优雅气质,非常高级有质感。动态比精修图更美。

ten thousand and ninety-nine

Well, after watching the shapes of these stars, whose look do you like best? Let’s talk together

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