British community shield cup:Vanguard battle, Nunez’s muscles are beautiful

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ten thousand and eighty-six

Premier LeagueBefore the feast, the community shield cup was like a small dishSour radishSeaweed saladorSalt baked peanuts。 Not many people will chew it carefully and swallow it slowly, and use it to characterize the delicacies that will be served later, but it is enough to tease your taste buds and make you fascinated by the instant feast.

So, as the top class in the culinary world, Guardiola andKloppThey all prepared new ingredients for their appetizers. I started with a scoring machine made in northern Europe and with a famous pedigree. You left the fresh flesh imported from the slums of South America as your backhand,StirlingJesusandManeAfter these old faces were crossed out from the menu, the new ones are all such high-end goods

It’s really extravagant to warm up the new season with the positive confrontation of new frontiers.

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ten thousand and eighty-seven

So, let’s talk firstHarland 。 If you expect this beast to be able to indulge in unbridled rage like a seamless connection just after it has moved to another mountain forest, please answer a question first:Dote时期的Harland ,是如何踢球的?

The answer, in fact, is not difficult to give. He needs his opponent to leave a wide space for him to push and counterattack with great strides. He needs his brothers to change their flowers to send cakes to the small restricted area for him. He is better at the shivering between electric light and flint, rather than the men with fists to the meat level. ButThe Bundesliga的剑斩不了Premier League的官,问题就这么来了。

Liverpool的防线常年间在被打身后and巧造越位之间摇摆不定,这种特质在赛季开局阶段尤其鲜明,因此理论上来看Harland 不可能完全无机可趁。不过嘛,每逢德布劳内想给小弟做个饼,FandickWill say no to him with impeccable ground defense——

ten thousand and eighty-eight

ten thousand and eighty-nine

等到Harland 从马蒂普的防区穿插至Fandick的身前,满脑子都是自己与世一卫来个短道竞速的YY时,马赫雷斯慢悠悠地收起了手中的starting gun——

ten thousand and ninety

切身前行不通,那我就绕身后,结果Fandick拉上Robertsonandthiago ,联手绞杀了沃克and马赫雷斯的二人转,被孤零零地留在后点的Harland ,又要开启一次无聊的Turnaround runYes——

ten thousand and ninety-one

以及,在看到这个镜头,你可能会嫌弃Harland 不过是个停球三米远的糙哥,但假如Glalish把球喂到Harland 惯用的左脚而非右脚,各位至少大概率能看到一脚还算像样的打门——

ten thousand and ninety-two

情况大致就是如此:整场比赛,Harland 接得最舒服的两次投喂都来自于大多殿后组织、偶尔才前压支援锋线的贝尔纳多-席尔瓦,其他队友与其的连线虽然满是郎有情妾有意的暧昧气息,但丘比特的神箭却总是射成了埃蒙斯的最后一枪。此前仅有45分钟的短暂磨合,显然无法让诸位之间迅速地踢出珠联璧合之感,更何况Fandick教科书级别的防守案例,也远非一捅就是一块窟窿的The Bundesliga后卫们能够模拟的。

就这样,Harland 带着全场0次对抗成功、0次盘带成功、0次被侵犯and1脚离谱空门的成绩单结束了英伦第一课。纵使魔人布欧的魔力再强,放在昨夜暂且也只能与麻瓜为伍。而在Nunes登场之前,Liverpool已经把前戏铺得足够到位。

In addition to Adrian’s usual poor ball, andHenderson不知所云的非受迫性失误,Liverpool基本不剩什么槽点可挖。要防守有Fandick肩扛大旗,要进攻有Arnold 突施冷箭,有Salah 纵情驰骋——这小球一带,小腿一蹬,小坎塞洛一过,一百万个上赛季前半段的超神版法老就捧着新合同,从Liverpool球迷们的眼前飞速闪过。然后,既然自家的老宝贝还管用得很,大伙自然希望新宠能来锦上添花,达尔文-NunesThis expensive prefabricated dish was finally cooked and served.

坦诚说,虽然Nunes在与RB Leipzig 热身时轻描淡写地拿到过大四喜,但赛前他身处的舆论环境其实比转会后暂且只吃过一次饼的Harland 恶劣得多。有人念叨他对阵Manchester United时的空门不进,有人嫌弃他的传球and对抗,还有人玩着乌拉圭卡罗尔的烂梗,即使这俩人的球风大相径庭。

Fortunately, the simple and rough pleasure is much more real than the touch of hitting the keyboard.

Liverpool球迷关于自家中锋的认知,终于实现了更新换代。Origi上赛季33%的争顶成功率简直不忍直视,ManeandRuotaThey are all header maniacs among small forwards, but after all, their height is limited. Look further away at Heskey, Carroll orBentek等古典高中锋都不可能做到高度and速度兼得。然后,Nunes来了。

他能撒开脚丫往防线的身后窜,虽然愣是跑出来的单刀危险,先后被越位线andEdsonThe face dissolves;

He can be inReuben DIASHe fought for the high point under his nose and returned the penalty right given to him to Pharaoh’s brother intact;

He can press the top of the mountain and bend down to attack the door. You can’t expect a 1.88 meter tall man to start a magnificent new voyage with the attitude of flying close to the ground, and then give you six abdominal muscles after landing safely.

ten thousand and ninety-three

新科锋霸的首次交手,让Nunes秀足了肌肉。来自Salah andMilner的慷慨解囊,已经把Nunes喂得扶墙而入再扶墙而出,而RobertsonandArnold 这两台传中机器要是在日后再轰鸣作响,属于NunesandLiverpool球迷们的幸福时光应该不会只是过眼云烟。

当然,即使说一千道一万,社区盾杯的分量and地位也不必高估。双方下半场前20分钟不约而同的集体摸鱼几乎隔着屏幕告诉你昨夜大可不必刺刀见红,瓜迪奥拉没把所有弟子中最让Liverpool忌惮的FordenAnd most likely to take overAgueroAlvarez’s inclusion in the starting line-up also shows that the royal court is just a test field. The journey is long. After a small test of the ox knife, a large-scale construction will begin——

22/23 season melon dregs dispute? This is just a preface.