Can humans dig through the earth? The former Soviet Union originally planned to dig through the earth, but suddenly stopped work at 12262 meters

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Have you ever wondered what the interior of the earth looks like?In the 1970s and 1980s, our old neighbor, the former Soviet Union, once carried out a vast geocentric excavation operation. However, when it reached 12262 meters, the Soviet government suddenly ordered to terminate the project.This figure has become the limit of human history to explore the earth’s interior.

After so many years, people now recall the geocentric plan at that time and are still curious about many problems. And up to now, we are still confused about the exploration of the earth’s interior, and various hypotheses are rampant.

So, what is the picture of the earth’s interior? Why did the geocentric plan of the former Soviet Union suddenly stop working in the depths of more than 10000?

ten thousand and eighty-six

Do you want to go to the center of the earth?

In the myths and legends we have heard since childhood, likeSun WuKongnezhaErlang GodSuch a powerful person is always available at any timetry by hook to look for sth.Ability. In reality, the”heaven” has indeed been realized by real human technology, not only in our countryShenzhou spacecraftTasks andChang’eThere are also many people in the lunar exploration project to study and manufacture spacecraft that break away from the solar system.

In contrast, the nine heavens and the moon is no longer a dream, but entering the earth for ten thousand meters has always been a problem that puzzles mankind. Living on the surface of the earth, we constantly fantasize about what this blue planet looks like. Is there a life like ours, or is it just a high-temperature fireball as the textbook says?

ten thousand and eighty-seven

According to the most common understanding in the scientific community, the structure of the earth is like an egg. The outermost”eggshell” is what we humans and all animals and plants depend on for survivalCrust,这里也是岩石、土壤、和水的聚集地。从生物学的理论上说,Crust还是最适合生命生存的地方。


In the end, the center of our planet isearth ‘s core。体积仅有地球整体16%的earth ‘s core,质量的占比却达到了三分之一。

ten thousand and eighty-eight

这里的最高温度,根据估算已经接近七千摄氏度。也就是说,earth ‘s core虽然供给着地球的全部能量,也是太阳辐射与光照最终的收容处。但是,这里并不适宜任何生物生存,更不可能存在某种生态系统。

However, some people think that the interior of the earth is the same as our surface,There is a certain scale of life civilization。 Even without concrete evidence, this conjecture is still regarded as truth by many people, and even appears in many film and television works. For example, the famous”Adventures of the earth” is a virtual way to outline what the deep earth should look like in the eyes of directors and screenwriters.

ten thousand and eighty-nine

According to the description of the film, we can reach the center of the earth through a mysterious cave, where there are mountains and rivers, as well as rich and diverse animals and plants, which attracted countless young audiences and relevant science lovers at that time.

However,“Geocentric emptiness theory”的提出,才让有关这一问题的讨论达到高潮。这种观点认为,地球的引力和能量并不来自earth ‘s core,而是mantle。earth ‘s core和地表一样,都是由mantle供给能量的。更为破天荒的论点是,”Geocentric emptiness theory”的支持者们指出,earth ‘s core和我们地表的引力呈相反方向。 That is, we walk on the outer surface of the sphere, while the creatures there walk on the inner surface.

ten thousand and ninety

Reasons for the termination of the former Soviet geocentric program

Of course, no matter whether there are layers of high-temperature lava in the depths of the earth or a new world with holes, the truth can be known only by really sending someone in to explore.

In 1970, it was the cold war period when the Soviet Union and the United States were opposed to each other and engaged in a scientific, technological and arms race. In the field of aerospace, Americans sent three astronauts to the moon a year ago. The sentence”a small step for me, a big step for human civilization” instantly raised the status of the United States to a high level. Unwilling to fall behind, the Soviet Union could only aim underground and expandThe only geocentric excavation authorized by the government so far in human history

ten thousand and ninety-one


According to all known statements, the most terrifying rumor is undoubtedlyThe excavators heard”the cry of hell”。 Regardless of whether ghosts and gods have this problem or not, let’s put ourselves in a position to think that even if we go out at night, in the dark corner of the street, we often scare ourselves. What’s more, no matter what kind of sound you hear, it will make people feel creepy in the depths of the unknown earth.

ten thousand and ninety-two

However, this fear at the subjective level of individuals is generally impossible to influence a certain decision from the macro perspective of the country. In the war years, will soldiers stop fighting with enemy countries because they are afraid of death?

话虽是这么说,给予自己工作人员一定的人身安全保护,还是一个国家政府应尽的责任。However,到了地下一万多米的未知领域,苏联方面也只能说是心有余而力不足。这声音是不是来自地狱的恶鬼我们不得而知,但从真实的科学角度讲,到了这种深度确实会发生很多,作用比地表强出百倍的Geological disaster

ten thousand and ninety-three

For example, the most familiarearthquake, the transmission of the intensity of the earthquake source to the earth’s surface can even cause the tragedy of house collapse and death. If this distance is further shortened by 10000 meters, we can imagine the consequences.

In addition, there areLeakage of groundwater, don’t think“Source of life”It can save lives everywhere. If it is more than 10000 meters deep underground, a drop of water can indeed provide life activities, but once there is more, it is likely to causeCollapse of soft soil。 This is like the management of many coal mines. Before workers go to the mine to work, they must first check the drainage condition.

Taking these as representatives is enough to explain that at that timeThe scientific and technological level of the Soviet Union has continued to be unable to support this geocentric plan

ten thousand and ninety-four

It is not only difficult to prevent geological disasters, but also the staff of geocentric plan have to deal with many other difficulties. The hardest part isHigh temperature and high pressure。 We take the sea level as the division standard, so if we approach the sky upward, the somatosensory temperature will be lower and lower, on the contrary, if we approach the center of the earth, the somatosensory temperature will be higher and higher. Moreover, the atmospheric pressure will be more and more heavy on people with the deepening of excavation work.

If we can endure the extreme heat at a depth of 10000 meters and the pressure of being stuck underground for a long time, according to the staff at that time, at a depth difficult for people to reach, metal tools such as drill bits and iron sheets also melted. This is a problem of”hard injury” of science and technology. No matter how hard you try subjectively, it is useless.

ten thousand and ninety-five

Of course, there is another objective reason, which is considered by most people to be the real determinant of stopping the geocentric plan, that isThere is a problem in the supply of funds

To be frank, the Soviet government ran out of money. They can no longer pay the due remuneration of relevant staff, can’t afford advanced technical equipment, can’t provide their own scientific funds for continuous development, and can’t cope with all kinds of emergencies that may occur.

As mentioned earlier, the reason why they want to launch this geocentric program is mainly to counter the achievements of the United States in the aerospace field, which is related to the political and economic game between the two superpowers. As we all know, the final result is that the Soviet Union, which only pays attention to the development of military heavy industry, inevitably leads to the end of economic collapse.

ten thousand and ninety-six

In the 1980s, the already exhausted Soviet government, needless to say, provided the geocentric project with high investment, high cost and little actual benefit, even maintaining its own order became very difficult.

Shortly after the cessation of the geocentric plan, in the winter of 1991, the giant, which once stood on the top of the world, ushered in the final collapse and disintegration. Since then, no one has asked about the technical project of digging the earth’s core. The Soviets also taught the world a profound lesson:If you waste money and people blindly for some false reputation, you won’t get a good end

ten thousand and ninety-seven


p data-track=”2″>Another thing worth mentioning is that the Soviets painstakingly dug 12262 meters underground,实际上连17公里厚的Crust也没有挖透,更不用说mantle和earth ‘s core。 Of course, according to this topic extension, although human science and technology have visited the moon andMarsThe most powerful spacecraft also flew out of the solar system, but for the vast outer space, these achievements are just a drop in the bucket.

所以,我们实际上还是没有做到真正意义上的“try by hook to look for sth.”,需要我们探寻和求索的未知问题还有很多很多。说不定有朝一日,我们的后代就能够打破前苏联创造的记录,也可以飞出Milky wayTake a look at the scenery that their ancestors have never seen.

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