Circle of friends, the August 1st army day can be sent like this

By yqqlm yqqlm

1. A cavity of blood, guard the four seasons, pay tribute to the cutest people, happy military day.

2. Sir, the mountains and rivers have changed their appearance, and the plane doesn’t have to fly twice. The once ten mile Chang’an Street is so prosperous now. Mountains and rivers are healthy, the country is rich and the people are strong, this prosperous era, as you wish.

3. He didn’t promise you anything, but he kept the mountains and rivers for you. I wish all soldiers a happy military day.

4. Dressed in military uniform, wearing the most righteous appearance in the world.

5. I’m honored to be one of them. The beginning of Lu character and the end of Jun character are caused by my eyes. They are all August day, five stars shine, and all are faith.

6. The gentleman served without asking the return date, and the woman waited for good news at the ceremony.

7. Youth has many shapes. I’m glad my youth looks like wearing military uniforms.

8. A cavity of blood, guarding the four seasons, military power security, great China, a glance is the backbone.

9. They have been fighting for every inch of land, every point of charge and assault, and every moment of life and death. Pay tribute to the cutest person.

10. There is a sense of security called Chinese soldiers. Thank you for your dedication.

ten thousand and eighty-six